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211 Crawford Memorial Dr, Van Buren, AR 72956, USA
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Consumer feedback about Sparks Medical Center – Van Buren

Rating: 1 /5

allen west

went to the ER with ear pressure and extreme pain. Nurses and staff was amazing, on top of their game and quick to get me into a room. Doctor was horrible, questioned why i was in there, didn't listen. Rolled his eyes and proceeded to leave once i asked for ear drops to remove pain. will not go back

Rating: 1 /5

Lakisha Serva

Went to hospital to check out my ankle. It was bruised and swollen so went in to make sure it was not broken. I was in serious pain. They took an XRay told me it wasn't broken and sent me on my way. Didnt even give me motrin. I paid a copay of $100, for 10 mins. Later I received a bill for my 10 mins at the hospital for $667. I spoke with my insurance and was made aware the bill was paid in full and I do not owe anything. The continue to send this bill but will never answer or return calls to my insurance. Terrible facility. Don't waste your time here.

Rating: 5 /5

Amanda Smith

I came here for outpatient surgery and let me tell you my nurses were on top of it! I have never had nurses so tentative to me and making sure I was ok. The male nurse I had before surgery was completely amazing! My surgical nurses were awesome too they made sure I was comfortable and didn't feel alone. They talked to me until I was out and was right there when I woke up. I was completely amazed. My anestialogist was super awesome too. She made sure I knew exactly what was going on what she was giving me and what to expect. She kept me super informed. Needless to say I would definately recommend this hospital for outpatient surgery and if I ever have to have another I will most likely ask to do it here!

Rating: 1 /5

Briana Robertson

WORST EXPERIENCE! The only good part of our emergency visit was that the nurses were nice and caring but when it comes to the doctors and finace they are extremely rude. We will definitely not come back here. Nor will my family or friends.

Rating: 1 /5

The Faces Of Steven!

Worst hospital I've ever been to! I went in with horrible teeth pain because my dentist was all booked up, and they asked for my pain level. I told them 10, because my pain had me in straight agony! They put me in a corner room and neglected me and my pain for at least an hour. I stood in the hall for about 30 minutes crying in pain. After about 2 hours, the doctor said there's nothing I can do except write you a non narcotic to's been a day and I'm in the exact same amount of pain!! I will be calling the medical board to report these crooks!!