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Consumer feedback about Sparks Regional Medical Center

Rating: 2 /5

Rebecca Henson

My husband had a wreck, his shins we're bruised and swollen extremely large. They didn't put ice on them or give him anything for pain. He didn't see a Dr. He couldn't walk. They did wheel him out in a wheelchair though. They sent him m home with a pain script that wasn't strong enough. It was enough for about 36 hours tops. They said they were going to give him crutches, but didn't. We borrowed a walker from someone that has an electric chair...

Rating: 1 /5

Sherry sterling

I hate this hospital. They hire a lot of nurses that only become nurses for the money and title. They have no compassion for family that has concerns or scared. Sparks allows staff to remove you from your loved ones rooms. Then say how they (the staff) feels threatened. This excuse has been done to my family 2 times. And 1 time was because I asked when was my brother going to get a bath!! He had been in the hospital for 3 days. Smh so so sad

Rating: 5 /5

Casey Armer

After being sent back to Mercy ER by primary care for severe symptoms, I left due to a 5+ hr wait. I was seen at Sparks within an hour! Dr was in multiple times and on the phone with Mercy to get tests results- he was MUCH more concerned, made sure my follow up would happen this week! I have always preferred Sparks but went to Mercy because new primary is there, but I will never set foot in their ER again ...Sparks is better staffed, MUCH cleaner, everything from triage to discharge is more efficient!! Dr Green was the best! And also received courtesy call just to check on me today.

Rating: 1 /5

Mickayla Oden

Dr. Malik is a joke. I currently have pleurisy (fluid around the lungs) and bronchitis mixed. And I came in for chest pains that have continued for a few days getting worse as I breathe. And he has the nerve to tell me it's my muscle? And for that he upsets me because I know how I feel... it isn't my muscle. And after that I wouldn't make eye contact, and he said ( so you can't make eye contact now?) in a real rude tone.. continued with rude remarks afterward also and made me cry. Don't see him!

Rating: 5 /5

Lori Potter

Sparks Hospital is friendly, fast,and caring every time I've went. The doctor's, nurses, all staff was very concerned in meeting our health needs and questions.