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Consumer feedback about Springhill Memorial Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Kendedra Williams

I went in Sunday with contractions. Even though I was scheduled for an repeated c section. From the time I walk in the ER, the labor and delivery and finally the OR. Every staff was absolutely the best to me, my boyfriend, guest and newborn. Doctor, Nurses, Room Service, House keeping and etc. The staff were friendly, smiling, helpful and beyond. I had an Excellent experience.

Rating: 1 /5

Delores Nelson

I was admired for pancreatitis. I was in severe pain! A female Dr. Came in and I was crying and I ask could I have something for pain. She said, IM NOT GIVIBG YOU ANY NARCOTICS!! I said Ma'am I am hurting really bad!! She walked out. I went and reported her. After thst!! Every Dr. That came in mistreated me! The ENT Dr. Hurt me on purpose. One Dr Came in the door pushed it back as hard as he could!! Flopped down in the chair and just looked at me!. The cut off all medicines and said it would b the next day when I could get some. I had to get my daughter on 3 way in admin. To get meds. I found out this was the head Dr. I fired and she was just hired from out of town, some big shot that was over all the Doctors so that explained why I was being mistreated and they will not admit me in ER. They tell me to go to my primary Dr.I had bad pancreatitis and they never told me. I kept coming bless complaining about a stomach ache. I should have sued them but it's what you can prove.

Rating: 1 /5

Willis Young

Very slow, no one to help getting my 85 year old mother out of the car either time I've brought her here. The guards just look out the window while I, in a sling, try to get her on to the wheel chair and inside. I've had to bring her to Springhill Memorial 2 times because of the location. Next time I'll call an ambulance and take her elsewhere. Once we got checked in, the process got even slower. They kept putting others (most were minor injuries not all) in to er rooms ahead of her (She had rapid heart rate and having a hard time breathing). On the bright side, the nurses and the Drs were very nice once we got to the back.

Rating: 2 /5

Carol George

I was in this hospital for three nights in January of this year, having had a knee replacement. When I called for a nurse to assist me to the bathroom I usually got no response. If a nurse did come it was later rather than sooner. I was confused be two different remotes and would sometimes call the nurse accidentally. A man who took my blood pressure in the middle of the night left the room with the inflated cuff on. I had to call the nurse about this. I would not go back to this hospital.

Rating: 1 /5

Ruby Westmoreland

Not happy. After waiting for almost 2 hours the Doctor barely gave me the time of day. Couldn't even ask her questions or anything she was in the room for no more than 5 minutes tops. they were very rude and unprofessional. Then had to wait another hour just for them to discharge me.. still with no help. very disappointing.