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Consumer feedback about Ssm St Marys Health Center

Henry Miller
Henry Miller

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

****12/19/18 **** This is my final update. Out of the 6 or so providers I used through the hospital, I was able to resolve my billing issues.

The only outlier is SSM St Mary's.

After some substantial networking, I was able to raise my issue to the revenue cycle leader. I thought the issue would finally come to a resolution. I was expecting a final bill and I was ready to move on with my life. In September, my final bill was sent to collections without so much as a phone call.

SSM failed to process my financial aid application.
SSM failed to wait until all of my claims were processed by insurance. SSM failed to provide any negotiation or discount even after paying thousands in bills.
SSM failed to treat me like a human being.

SSM is a model of how broken healthcare is in our country. Please, please, avoid this institution at all costs. You will leave frustrated, helpless, and substantially poorer.

You have been warned.***

I am at my wits' end. I am exhausted.

*****Please, please do not use this hospital. I'm a grown man, BEGGING you to not use SSM St. Mary's. I will voluntarily drive strangers to another ER to save them from the same emotional stress this business has caused me over the past year*****

*****It's been a month since I wrote this review and St Mary's is actively trying to ruin my life. Even though claims are still pending, I'm getting multiple threats by phone and mail that my account will be sent to collections. I've already paid thousands of dollars to the hospital and their associates. I have requested an itemized list of charges, which has yet to be provided. It's almost as if their goal is to hold your credit hostage and force you to pay amounts they cant verify to avoid a massive impact on your credit score.

I went to St Mary's during the summer of 2017 for kidney stones. I was forced to sit in the lobby and endure excruciating pain for 2 hours before receiving any kind of pain medication. One of the nurses told me to "man up" while waiting to go into the ER.

Dealing with the billing office is almost as painful as the stones themselves. I've dealt with billing errors, mystery balances, and surprise bills for the past 9 months. The billing office staff is accusatory and offers little help. Bills were sent to an address in another state that I haven't lived at in years. The billing office told me it was my responsibility to keep my address up to date in their system, even though I never provided them with the old address. Just yesterday, I received a $20,000 bill with no explanation and no phone call. Their billing website does not keep old statements, so it's near impossible to interpret any changes.

I would have honestly rather lost my kidney than to go through this experience again. For your own sake, please use one of the other great medical facilities in our area.

Ellie S
Ellie S

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

This review is strictly for the Same Day Surgery Department. And in reality, I actually give zero stars.

But to start with, my surgery was in June 2018. My surgeon was fantastic – she pulled a cantaloupe sized tumor out through my belly button (via laparoscopic surgery). My post-anesthesia nurse was fantastic. Hannah and Margaret on the 5th floor were fantastic as well.

The same cannot be said for the two nurses that attended to me during the two hours before my surgery. The first thing that was shoved at me on the day of my surgery was not registration questions, but rather a cup for urine that I no longer possessed and no longer could produce because I had urinated right before my 5 minute trip to the hospital and I had nothing to drink in preparation for anesthesia.

Nobody thought to tell me that there would be a mandatory urine pregnancy test on the morning of my surgery that would act as an “on/off switch” to whether or not I would even be allowed to have surgery. I was deemed pregnant and ineligible for surgery until l proved otherwise with a negative pregnancy test.

The two nurses who attended to me insisted that they knew my body better than me and knew that I was going to be able to provide them with the urine that they needed. I was patronized and told ridiculous things like “my kidneys are always producing urine” (and I know that the last time I took Biology was in high school, but I’m pretty sure there’s a bladder and a brain between the kidney and the cup and in no way can a urine sample be compared to a blood draw – if you stick me with a needle, I will bleed. I have no choice. A urine sample does not involve sticking my kidney with a needle and having urine involuntarily flow out) and “they only needed a teeny tiny little bit for the test.” Then they asked me to try. I gave them a teeny tiny little bit but was told that it wasn’t enough.

The two nurses acted like they couldn’t do anything to me until they had that urine sample, they couldn’t even give me an IV. There I was standing naked in a hospital gown in the middle of the room on the day of my 5 hour abdominal surgery, and I was INCONVENIENCING them. They begrudgingly gave me an IV so I could give them a urine sample. I had to constantly hear how they couldn’t do this or that and this and that because they didn’t have the urine sample. I INCONVENIENCED them on the day of MY surgery.

I find it reprehensible that a woman is not told of the mandatory testing that she will have to complete. The first thing a woman sees at the hospital on the day of her surgery shouldn’t be a plastic urine cup but maybe rather compassionate care. If a woman knows she can’t offer urine, why is she patronized and harassed about it and then begrudgingly offered an IV. Maybe, the IV should be the first thing she sees on the day of her surgery before any mention of a urine test.

Women deserve better. They should know about the mandatory urine testing on the day of their surgery so they can plan accordingly. They know their bodies. Some will know that they need to hold their urine while others know their bodies will produce it no matter how hydrated they are. If an IV cannot be provided upon arrival, then a woman ABSOLUTELY NEEDS to know about this urine test prior to her surgery date so she can plan accordingly. As a woman who purposefully stopped drinking fluids for her surgery, I should have been told ahead of time of this mandatory test. I would have held my urine for them after I woke up. My patient autonomy to make that decision was not granted to me because nobody thought that I needed to know that information.

As a resident of Richmond Heights, it’s truly sad that I will not be able to support my community’s hospital. If you are looking for compassionate care on the morning of your surgery, please look elsewhere.

Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

"90% of black women are believed less when they complain of pain."
This hospital makes that statement 100% true. A place where black people are treated with less respect and given little to no care. How many black people does this place have to kill before black people realize this hospital is sadly for "whites only"
It's evident in the reviews and news reports. Just 6 years ago they killed a 29 yr old black women because they did not believe her when she told them how much pain she was in. Instead of making sure they didn't miss anything that could save her life they sent her to jail telling police she was looking for drugs. She died an hour later due to blood clots in her lungs. She was too black to be in real pain. She had to be on drugs right??. But she in fact was not on drugs and was dying. If black people realize there power they could shut this place down.

brandon rodgers
brandon rodgers

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

My 18 week pregnant girlfriend went in because she was experiencing 4 min contractions. They had her take a urine test and then didn't come back to hook her up to the machines until her mom had to push the call button. They offered little to no help to her or the other pregnant women in the labor and delivery unit. They have her no real answers for what was wrong or what's going on. Would not suggest going here.

Heather S
Heather S

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Don't go to the ER here. I went in tonight on a workers comp issue. Told them 5 times that I needed a drug test and it was NEVER ORDERED. They put me in a room with a chair and didn't offer to help me prop up my leg they made me do it myself. Nothing ever offered for pain. They didn't even wrap my injuries properly. They put the wraps on top of my clothes instead of under them. The nurse practitioner hardly looked at my injuries cause they had me in a room where no privacy. My one injury was my KNEE. Didn't even look at it to see swelling or anything and you couldn't tell cause I had PANTS on. They didn't even feel my uninjured knee to compare. The brace they gave me for my wrist wasn't put on to fit properly. This place is a joke!!! Ps. I'm white since people say it's a color issue in other post.

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