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Consumer feedback about St Anthonys Hospital

Rating: 1 /5


If you are planning to have a sleep study be warned. This is a horrific experience. The sleep disorder clinic is impossible to find, in a dark isolated basement smelling distinctly of mold, not too clean, with no shower, wash cloth or body/face soap available. You are filmed and recorded. Your face, neck, hair and scalp will be covered with sticky, itching, burning glue that you will not be able to easily remove. It will be very difficult to fall asleep under these circumstances. If you are able to sleep using sleep aids this study in no way replicates how you will sleep at home so I question whether it is valid for anyone. At a minimum you will feel abused and assaulted and when you leave....exhausted. I do not recommend.

Rating: 1 /5

Ms R

Been waiting over 2 1/2 hours with my loved one in the ER when he came in with chest pressure and SOB. This is after first visiting the convenient care clinic where the EKG and workup concerned that physician enough to send us here. Working in healthcare cardiac and respiratory symptoms should be treated as a priority. Not one Ambulance has pulled up which lets me know they are on divert. ( No surprise) As they obviously can not handle the volume of patients for our area. You can make a building pretty but if you cannot efficiently see priority patients why call yourself an ER?

Rating: 3 /5

Michele maro

My mom has been in 7 times in the past year. The staff has always been great. However the food for patients is terrible. I wouldn’t give it to a dog. Should be like Mease when you can order what YOU want WHEN you want it. Cafeteria not much better. Two days in a row spicy food one day fried seafood bar-the seafood unidentifiable and dripping with grease. Biggest peeve is the hold info on phone says all rooms are “PRIVATE”. -Not True. My mom just in for 8 days and had 4-5 roommates. Room was small, cramped and uncomfortable.

Rating: 1 /5

Colleen Jenkins

The wait is way to long. The staff at the front desk said ( it stupid to be here for migraine) Talking among them self’s.Where I can hear.Really you get one and try to deal with it. Very unprofessional. Would never come here again . Zero stars. Then they give you cold blankets wow!!! People come in after me and seen four hours sitting here!!!

Rating: 5 /5

Pamela Prentice

St. Anthony's Hospital is Amazing!!! The staff is extremely kind, efficient and professional. In all the years and hospitals I've experienced, non compare to St. Anthony's! Thank you for all the TLC...phenomional!!! Seyou gave my daughter (& her Mom)!