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Consumer feedback about St Elizabeth Community Hospital

Rating: 4 /5

Shawna Paschall

I gave birth to my first child here. All in all that experience was great. However being a first time mom I didn't know how my newborn was going to really behave in the first few days, and was worried about jaundice. The day after I was released she was very yellow and seemingly more lethargic. It was late so I went through the ER. The nurses and ER staff was great. My problem was the on call pediatrician at the time, the same pediatrician who was on call and saw my daughter when she was born. This pediatrician made me feel like an idiot for bringing my girl in because she did in fact turn out to be just fine. She started off by approaching me after they took my daughters vitals by saying "so what are you doing here"? She made it seem like I had no reason to be concerned and essentially shamed me for bringing in my daughter. She continued to tell me how everything was normal and she told me all this before I was discharged (she didn't and niether my fiancé and mother remember her telling me this stuff either) It was embarrassing. After she left the rest of the staff assured me I did the right thing and it was better to be safe then sorry, but still. I still go to this hospital and neighboring clinics, but when that doctors name comes up, I refuse to see her.

Rating: 1 /5

Chelsie Sosebee

While waiting to be accepted at a clinic, I've had to go to this hospital a few times. I've been back in about 4 times for the same issue. None of the Drs listened to me, telling me I had pain in places where I told them I didn't, and that was the problem. 4 months later, I'm still in terrible pain in my abdomen. Touching it causes pain! My last visit was a few nights ago for something that was wrong with what they said was a nerve in my back. They gave me two shots for pain, and sent me to wait for my ride in the waiting room, without even telling me I was discharged. I waited for 45 minutes in the waiting room, waiting for the pain killer shots to kick in. Then a migraine came on. I informed the front desk, and they took me to a bed. At that time, I had to walk with my jacket over my head because the light hurt so much. My nurse dropped me off at the bed, said she'd be right back with a blanket. She doesn't come back. 15 minutes later the Dr that I spoke to earlier comes in and says they're going to give me another shot, and some pills for my migraine. The nurse comes in 10 minutes later, no blanket, and administers the shot. She pulls up the safety gate on the side of the bed, and it was COVERED IN BLOOD! Not my blood. She seemed annoyed when my wife and I got upset about the blood, and she wiped it off. I apologized, because she seemed annoyed with me. That was the last time she dealt with me, she gave me to another nurse. I wish i had gotten the new nurse's name, because she was great.

Rating: 1 /5

Jennifer Fuller

I wish I could review it as a 0 star! We sat in the waiting room for 3 hours after being told it will only be 15 minutes!!! My 5 year old niece had a laceration to the back of her head. They told us that patients are not first come first serve so they didn't know when she would be seen. I had to go ask for gauze to hold on her head to help with the bleeding. We finally just left after the 3 hours. We will NEVER GO BACK!!! Absolutely ridiculous that people coming in for the flu were brought in before us.

Rating: 1 /5

john gould

Worst hospital in the. North state.just spent 8hours st the er and sent home with the same symptoms but im sure they will still get their money. Under staffed need to grow with the times. What a joke sent home fainted and cut my hand thanks st Elizabeth for nothing but a🆕 scar

Rating: 1 /5

Danotta George

My sister had her baby here. After 28 hours they were released to go home. In that whole time, they never gave the baby a bath. Even with my sister asking for one. Her baby went home with birthing fluid still on him, and had to be bathed at home. Also, family was waiting in the waiting room, only being allowed in one at a time. Everyone was excited, talking and sharing stories, and a nurse very rudely told my husband to take the kids and go home. This is the worst hospital. I hope I am never dieing, because I would rather go to any hospital but this one.