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Consumer feedback about St Elizabeth's Medical Center

Igor Mendelev
Igor Mendelev

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

BOTTOM LINE - unless you're certain that your insurance will cover 100% of their (often outrageous) charges - AVOID LIKE A PLAGUE.
Even though actual medical services my family received at St Elisabeth there were usually good their billing department and "customer service" are both an absolute disaster - and you'll pay for it dearly.
[UPDATE 12/27/2018] Their response below to contact their "patient advocate" is just as fraudulent as their medical bills as this "patient advocate" (which does exist apparently) can NOT be reached by phone (I called 10+ times over period of many days). I stand by my earlier recommendation - AVOID LIKE A PLAGUE. That's pretty sad - it used to be a pretty good hospital few years ago. [END UPDATE 12/27/2018]
[UPDATE 11/26/2018] Got a canned "response" from "owner" asking me to "private message" them - without specifying any way to do so or their contact phone or email address etc. [END UPDATE 11/26/2018]
[UPDATE 11/25/2018] Few days ago we had to do the exact same outpatient procedure (minor one - it takes well under 1 hour of total medical office time and

Shiva Dastjerdi
Shiva Dastjerdi

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I would have given 0 star if I could... So this is what happened: I was taken to the ER at St. Elizabeth in Brighton due to a strong acid burn that happened at work that day (basically I splashed acid all over my chest.) We called the hospital ahead of time and warned them about the incident and the amount of acid that i splashed on myself. About half an hour later, I got to the hospital. the staff took their time, asked me what acid and how much (the process was really slow considering it was the ER unit and that my skin was burning). They basically asked all the same questions that i was asked before again and then took me to an ER unit. After half an hour Dr. O'Neil walked in with 2 nurses (clueless of what the acid is and how dangerous the situation is), he patiently looked over my chest, asked what acid it is (did not know the acid) so told me that he had to leave to call the poison control). Problem # 1: They knew which acid it is an hour before since we called in advance, so they could have at least looked over the safety sheet of that chemical or call the poison control before I was arrived. After an hour a nurse walked in (apparently Dr. O'Neil was still on the line with poison control) asking how my pain is, I said 8/10 (I was a 6/10 an hour before.) She asked if I need an pain relief, I said no cause I didn't want to cover the pain, I wanted to know what was going on. Problem #2: They should have had me take a shower (for ~20min as the protocol is for all chemical burns) at the hospital, instead of having me sitting on the bed waiting or them to decide. Finally I asked if I can have a wet paper towel to put on my burn to cool it down a bit- I could still feel the acid on my skin. They left me again for another 30-45 min, the Dr. came in (at that point I was there for 2 hours already) and told me that they cannot do anything and I just have to go home and wash it with soap and water (this was common sense and I would have done it anyway). They did not give me any referrals until I asked for a dermatologist/ a burn center where I can get the burn checked by professionals. He walked out and came back with 2 referrals and mentioned that they are probably not available for the next 6 months (WHAT?!! I expected him to call them and asked for an earlier availability, since my case wasn't just a simple acne scar to wait 6 months for). Then they asked me to go home. They basically did not help me in that 2-hour period, did not have me shower, and some nurses were afraid of touching the burn since they thought there was still acid residue left -- well then they should have washed it off... This by far, has been the worst hospital (and ER place) I have been to. Do not waste your time going there. They should have been more prepared for chemical burn or else should have asked us (when we called them earlier) to bring me to a burn center straight instead of wasting my time.
PS: Dr. O'Neil were smiling the entire time (like this is no big deal) and he mentioned that I'm lucky it didn't splash on my face.... That helped a lot -_-

Nancy R
Nancy R

2 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

This place is really going down hill. Fast.
The er staff, while nice, are totally overworked and it takes forever!
Once you're admitted, forget getting out.
As i type this I am on my third hour waiting for discharge papers for my mother.
After they told me the exact time they would be ready....3 hours ago.
Totally horrible experience. I'm sorry this is the only place mom would go.

Sharon Zalkind
Sharon Zalkind

3 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I got into ER at St. Elizabeth on Sunday evening, September 16th, 2018. The display on the corner of Washington st in Brighton showed waiting time of 8 minutes. On top of that, I called on the way there, to ensure the ER wasn't packed. I've got a sprained ligament in my knee and was in pain. The ER was practically empty when we arrived at around 7.30pm. It took about 20-25 minutes to get attention after I was registered: got temperature and blood pressure checked. After that it took over an hour for a nurse to take us from the waiting room inside for treatment. During the next 2.5 hours I got X-Ray done, got a pair of crutches, 2 ibuprofen pills and saw a doctor, who told me I didn't break anything and need MRI and see a specialist. Everybody was nice and polite. But at the same time, everything took 5 times longer than anticipated. I have a hard time understanding why I was there from 7.30 till 11.30 pm to get an X-Ray done and spend 3.5 minutes with a doctor. Very inefficient.

Riki Alexander
Riki Alexander

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

The billing department is absolutely mismanaged. You speak to one person, she gives you an answer. Speak to another person you get another answer. Chimpanzees are far better trained and much more intelligent than these minimum wage air heads.
And that is just the tip of the iceberg. BEWARE.

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