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10 Woodland Rd, St Helena, CA 94574, USA
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Consumer feedback about St Helena Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Bonnie Olson

I could not have received better care during my stay, but I would rate the Cafe food with 5 stars and the hosp. Food with less because of lack of seasoning. It was a little difficult to make things taste good, but the service and courtesy was the very best.

Rating: 1 /5

Merle Stevenson

Dr diana might be ok surgeon but left my knee with a click. Also still in sever pain more so than before surgery. Dosent seem to care. He is all ego no bedside manner. Wont care about you at all once he collects his paycheck.

Rating: 1 /5

John busch

I was sent to Saint Helena hospital for alcohol abuse prior to cancer treatment by the VA. I was released in 3 days as not having a alcohol problem. I went through cancer treatment with the VA and was released cancer free. But that's not all the story. Saint Helena hospital didn't bill the VA, and didn't bill me, they billed Medicare, which did not cover the entire bill. I did not know of this until one year later when I was sent to collection by Saint Helena Hospital who NEVER NOTIFIED ME. I paid the bill to the collection agency under the understanding this could be straightened out with Saint Helena Hospital. When we contacted Saint Helena Hospital the person we talked to saw the mistake and was going to deal with it. We have been requesting Saint Helena Hospital to resolve this situation for approximately one year. San Francisco has the payment set aside for Saint Helena Hospital and WILL PAY AS SOON AS THEY ARE BILLED, however to do this they must return the over charges to me. I guess Saint Helena "got there money" so "screw" the vet on a fixed income. Oh yea the amount is $639.95, may not mean a lot to Saint Helena Hospital to straighten out there error, but to me on a fixed income it means $639.95, which is a lot of money. Either way Saint Helena wins (they "got" there money) Watch your 6 vets. Or anybody else who can't afford Saint Helenas billing department screwup. John V. Busch

Rating: 5 /5

Barbara Rose

No one "wants to go to the ER" so reviews are often filled with a lot of emotion. I can easily say though that I was highly impressed with the care provided at St. Helena ER. I was seen it what I feel was a timely manner for a tiny but busy ER on a Saturday afternoon. Everyone from the front desk to the nurse to the Dr. were friendly and had wonderful beside manner. Dee the nurse was highly efficient in her job and clearly had a passion for patient care. My doctor, Dr. Usha Periyanayagam, was extremely personable and clearly knowledgeable. I left feeling a hundred times better and continue to recover uneventfully. Though I certainly never "hope" to return to St. Helena ER (I was on vacation) it is good to know there is a high quality care ER if I venture back to Napa.

Rating: 5 /5

richard whitehurst

Thank you, for your exceptional care that I recieved recently on the 5th floor cardio @ St. Helena Hospital. What I observed there was, in my opinion very rare. A family feeling atmosphere with warm caring individuals all working as one. And happy to be there. When all dept. and staff ( no matter who's patient\responibilty ) care about those they tend to or work with; the patient recovery is blessed. Outstanding RN's: Ron, Shae, Laurin, Jobeth, and Great Supportive NA's: Curti, Laura, Adrianna, Jody. CT Scan tech Charles, with varies of lab tech, respiratory, housekeeping, food preps/chefs and Dr. Parker and Dr. Sonji I appreciated your hospitality . room 537 bed 1