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15630 18th Ave, Clearlake, CA 95422, USA
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Consumer feedback about St Helena Hospital-Clearlake

Rating: 4 /5


I've had two out-patient procedures, MRI, x-rays plus my first trip as a patient to the ER at Adventist Health Hospital Clearlake where I felt that the Hospital did their very best in taking care of me. I've lived in Clearlake since 1969 and have used the services at the Hospital where I have to say that their services, Dr's, nurses and departments and employees are most gracious and loving to see to your needs. I realize that not all visits go as we feel they should but we need to have patience and loving ways also as a patient (we're not the only one there) for treatments or tests. Adventist Health Medical Center have very polite admission workers who do their very best in pointing patients to the right Dr. for their needs, setting up appointments for your next visit and admits you in a timely manner, very little waiting time until your name is called to see a Dr. or your primary physician. Gigi

Rating: 1 /5

Deanna Harrison

Overall the worst hospital I have ever been to!!! There is only one maim doctor who makes all the calls!! He is brash..unprofessional and did not treat me properly!! I left AMA SIGNED MYSELF OUT TO GO TO ANOTHER HOSPITAL!!! Then they threaten to call police if i leave even though i waited th 4 hours no meds!!!

Rating: 1 /5

jacqueline frenzi nelson

My mom fell down on 4th of July she broke her nose and Humurus (arm) bone . Shes 78 mind you . Well they released her 2 hours after she was brought to the ER She hit her head when she fell no cat scan , no chest xrays. Now we sit in the lobby a week later so she can have those xrays . We've been here over an hour . There was no room for her in the xray lobby so we are sitting in the hallway waiting for someone to come get her for these xrays. Unbelievable.. I have to say I have had the worse luck with this hospital update:: my mom is doing much better no thanks to Adventist Health(Redbud)

Rating: 4 /5

Shari l b

Small hospital, small staff but they really do try their best to care for the community

Rating: 5 /5

greg Kawamura

Very good place to get help when you're sick hurt very friendly doctor's and nurses i know everyone here