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Consumer feedback about St Johns Regional Medical Center

Rating: 2 /5

Hannah Lupian

Dont come here if you have a child with a busted lip and is crying bc it hurts and theres blood everywhere bc either the front desk receptionist gets upset bc your flustered and can not think straight, there's another one behind her starring bc she's crying or an NP expecting her to understand as an adult would. I do have to say the 2 nurses who actually helped my niece were prompt and the only ones, in front, that attended her amazingly.

Rating: 5 /5


It was the second time I had to be admitted into the hospital, and this time things were great. I was, again, in pretty bad shape, and they got me back to health. I stayed for two and a half weeks, and although I had to deal with a lot of pain, they made things the best they possibly could. Completely erasing the experience I had in 2015, to the point that I deleted that review to place this one. Thank you, thank you, thank you I say to the caring and professional staff at this medical center. ❤

Rating: 5 /5

Cynthia Lebermann

Of all the hospitals I've dealt with in this country, St. John's is the best hands down.. the staff of the critical care unit are so caring, and so thorough, my father is in good hands. Thank you.. the healing Zen garden at this place is very special. Such a peaceful retreat after so much stress

Rating: 1 /5

T Wolf

My father was released from the hospital too early. His heart doctor was not consulted and some test results had not come in yet. In under 24 hours, a home health care nurse informed my father he needed to go back asap. So, we are still waiting after an hour and a half in a repeat of the first round a couple days ago. Thank you Dr. P. As a follow up, I have to give Dr. Chris Chauhan, ER doctor, accolades on his treatment for my dad. The hospital seemed to only have 1 heart ER doctor this night and we left the ER about 3:30 am. Dr. Chauhan was intelligent, thorough and was an excellent at commuicating test results and treatment options. He listened to my mother's concerns and offered an option that accomdated both my dad's medical issues and desire to leave the hospital. Unlike the front desk ladies who were short n rude. Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Chauhan.

Rating: 1 /5

Theresa Hart

I was there visiting my mother yesterday.. And I notice it getting closer to 6 pm and they have not served the dinner yet.. While that was going on I hear a lady down a hall screaming for help "HELP ME HELP ME" another one asking me are you going to serve me yet.. We find out the lead nurse wanted to have a meeting so all the nurses were in a meeting as this was going on.. I recommend someone have a word with this lead nurse next time check on the "patient" feed them and than have your dam meeting. In all the years we have been going here this was the first and I hope the last... LET ME MAKE MYSELF CLEAR THE ATTENDING NURSE WAS GREAT NOT HER FAULT THE LEAD NURSE CALLED THE THE MEETING Lead nurse needs to take some "time management classes"