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3.3 Rating
147 reviews

About St. Joseph Regional Health Center

St. Joseph Regional Health Center was founded by the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio in 1936. St. Joseph Regional Health Center is the main campus out of the seven locations of CHI St. Joseph. It is considered Brazos Valley’s only Level II Trauma Center, the first Joint Commission-certified Primary Stroke Center, and the first accredited Chest Pain Center, CHI St. Joseph Health is a leader in critical care and the largest provider of cardiovascular care in the region. The hospital provides 24/7 by trauma surgeons and specialists in orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, facial and plastic surgery, anesthesiology, radiology, critical care, and more.

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Special Care Services

  • Intensive Care Unit

Emergency Services

  • Emergency Department


  • Arthroscopy
  • Joint Replacement
  • Spine Surgery


  • Cardiac Cath Lab
  • Cardiac Rehab
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Coronary Interventions
  • Vascular Intervention
  • Vascular Surgery
  • Carotid Stenting
  • Electrophysiology

Radiology / Nuclear Medicine / Imaging

  • Computed Tomography
  • Computed Tomography-Angiography
  • Digital Mammography
  • Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Positron Emission Tomography
  • Single Photon Emission Computerized Tomography


  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy

Oncology Services

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation Therapy

Surgery Services

  • Inpatient Surgery
  • Radiosurgery
  • Robotic Surgery

Neuroscience Services

  • Electroencephalography
  • Sleep Studies


  • Obstetrics
  • Hemodialysis

Emergency Service Available


Group Service


Hospital Type
  • Acute Care Hospitals
Control Type
  • Voluntary Nonprofit
  • Church
Total Staffed Beds 209
Total Discharges


Total Patient Days


Total Patient Revenue


TPS Quality Score 27.21 Rating
147 reviews

Tyler Smith

Their labor and delivery was the best experience ever for me and my wife. We were originally going to go with Baylor since it’s the newer/nicer hospital but then my wife changed her mind because she wanted to a more natural birth ( different subject there ). Throughout the whole process the nurses were not just great but outstanding! Soo so friendly and helpful, they were kind, compassionate, understanding, respectful to your wishes and over all just fun to talk to. They brought a fancy meal for both of us that tasted great as well. Really would recommend this to anyone. Shout out to Ashley the night shift nurse, really took care of my wife after the birth.

Lawrence Marlin

I was admitted through the emergency room at 12:30 AM on Tuesday. From the moment I arrived I was treated quickly and with compassion. Every nurse, technician and doctor I met was kind and professional. I would recommend St. Joseph to anyone.

Brooke Stancill

My Family And I Met The Most God Loving...Kind...Brilliant...Pure Hearted.. Knowledgeable.. Understanding..Patient And Hospitable RN By The Name Of Ms Ashley Frei!!!!!...My God The List Can Go On About This Precious Jewel. She Was My Sister's Nurse In The Labor And Delivery Department.I Thank God For Using And Working Through People During Rough Times! My Sister Became Discouraged Given That The Baby Heart Rate Was Dropping And God Sent The Right Person To Be That Voice. Ashley Instantly Connected With Us As If She Was Family!!..I Highly Recommend Ashley!!!..Ashley The Stancill Family Loves And Appreciate You!!..Be Blessed!!

Ryan Street

The vary worst hospital you could ever trust your life with. Staff totally careless with doctors that will lie to you just to get you out of there face. I'll post later what nurse... Update.... I was just there again and was treated like trash. Half of my head is swollen because of my teeth being infected really really bad. I asked for some Tylenol and the nurse ripped up my pain prescription right in my face up close. I did nothing to her and I was respectful. I was clicked on by the whole staff and kicked out of the hospital just because I was hurting and needed help. They we're also laughing. Do not go to this hospital. They will not help you. Do some research before going there. They do not care if your in pain of dieing. Go to Baylor. That is a great hospital. The nurse who ripped up my prescription in my face and was sooooo rude. Her name is Kimberly Hanson PA-C I got lots more to post. Y'all are not going to get away with treating people this way.

Mark Duoto

This place really surprised me!! Normally you go to a hospital and no matter the reason your there they take you back in order you come in. You go to a room, you talk to a nurse then a doctor. Then a nurse again before you leave 2-3 hrs later. Not here! I came in for a bad case of poison ivy! They took me back, to just a waiting room in the back seen me and sent me on my way. Seeing mine wasn't nothing serious and could get me in and out so they could take care of the worse ones they did! I was in and out in 30 minutes. Also, liked that the security guard was right there at the door the whole time watching over everything, not outside riding in his car like most hospitals. If u want great service, go here!