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Consumer feedback about St Joseph'S Hospital

Rating: 4 /5

Antoine Horness

I had a short stay at St Joes on 1/26/18 and 1/27/18. The staff did a great job. Nicole Onishi and John Martens made sure I was taken care of and went out of their way to keep me informed. Nicole found a comfortable chair for my wife and our overnight stay comfortable. The next day John kept me in the loop and spent extra time explaining the results of the tests they performed. The best part was letting me know that everything was ok with me!! Very professional staff who deserve to be commended!

Rating: 1 /5

Kayla LeBlanc

Was referred to the ER by urgent care, needed to have testing done on heart and kidneys. I was first triaged by the RN and an hour later Triaged by the PA, which resulted in him saying he was going to do an ultra sound on my legs (due to swelling wanted to make sure it wasn’t a blood clot) but there was no mention of getting blood work also, which is how they would check heart and kidney function.. which could have been done as I was sitting there waiting, nothing else other than ultra sound and was sent back to the waiting room that was FILTHY and packed. After two hours of waiting to get an ultrasound my husband and I decided to see if we could get any more information on what was going on. The charge nurse asked if the nurse assigned to us after shift change had seen us yet, which she hadn’t, and told us that there was over a 9 hour wait. We then decided to leave due to the fact that we felt as if we were going to wait all that time and I would not get the proper care and the things done that I came there to get in the first place. I am in the medical field, I have worked in hospitals for several years so I completely understand that hospitals get very busy, especially during flu season, and that is out of the hospital staffs control. I know the process of how it all works... however the communication with this hospital and their patients and the process of how they operate needs to be fixed!!! Get more people working, keep patients informed and at least TRY to make them comfortable. CLEAN THE WAITING AREA!!!! I felt like I was in a free clinic!!! People shouldn’t be treated like animals at a hospital. I have been to this hospital a few different times, giving them the Benefit of doubt because again, I understand how crazy it can get, but it’s the same situation every time I’ve gone so after this time I will never go back, have a better chance just waiting and going to a primary on Monday or to a different ER, I legitimately feel as though I wouldn’t have gotten anything accomplished there! Here’s to hoping it’s not CHF, kidney failure or a blood clot which is what urgent care referred me for!

Rating: 1 /5

Amazing Chances

Soo sad!!! Stuff patients in every corner. Horror shows playing in waiting room. Placing flu patient's next others so it can spread! Very unprofessional atmosphere and not in a good way! A person could drop dead before they could get help!

Rating: 1 /5

Jayne Butler

Went to the ER on 12/21/17. In excruciating pain. A lemon-size knot suddenly appeared in my bicep and the burning and sharp pains were unbearable. Never saw a doctor. Only nurse. She could not have cared less..sent me for xrays though lump was nowhere near my elbow. It was obviously a muscle or ligament. When the nurse returned to the room, she said, "There's nothing wrong with you." I asked about having an MRI or something that would show muscles. I was told those are only done in case of emergencies. I don't understand that. I didn't go to the Emergency Room for fun. I left very upset and went to TMC, where I received Excellent Care, and they confirmed I had torn my bicep muscle. My second issue is that a business associate went with me in case he needed to drive. He walked to the back as I was begging for help. The nurse began discussing the xrays, etc. with him without my permission. In fact, I said to him, "Let's go. I'm not getting help here." This nurse heard that and kept talking to him. I walked out. It was 11 minutes before he came out to the car, with my discharge papers. I asked, "Were you and that nurse discussing me this whole time?" He replied, "Yes". He took a bus home. I went back inside and asked for the Charge Nurse. I told her I didn't appreciate the fact that I was discussed without my permission, and asked about this being against the law. She agreed that it is. I asked for the nurse's last name-first was JoAnn. The charge nurse began yelling, "I'm not giving you her last name." She repeated that three times. I finally said, "That's fine. My Attorney will find out what it is." Covering up, much? More happened, but this is the basics. I'm not letting this go. Be very aware of that.

Rating: 4 /5

Janette Upchurch

I have had not to bad of experience.I had my breast removed because of cancer..Had to going in because of infection. So far everyone has been really nice.i have to stay a couple more days.willl let you know.what nurse's and doctors are doing well.