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101 E Valencia Mesa Dr, Fullerton, CA 92835, USA
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Consumer feedback about St Jude Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

s giron

St Jude Cancer Center: 5 stars! The doctors, nurses, admissions staff were nothing but compassionate. Going through cancer was tough enough, but this team really has their act together. Downside: The infusion room is undergoing a renovation so chemo treatment is held in the basement of the hospital across the street. Not the best view while there but the drugs did their job so I won't complain. I was also at the ER in August. I was there for approximately 4 hours. Everybody was polite from the admitting room to the nurses and doctors. They didn't have a room for me so I waited outside in the general area. Would I have liked to lie down in a room? Yes, I was feeling kind of crappy, but the ER is just that...Emergency room. There's priority patients/rooms. I wasn't one. I was still alive and breathing and just laid my head down on my husband. People who complain that they are told to stay in the waiting room don't realize their case isn't life threatening otherwise they would have a room/doctor right away.

Rating: 4 /5

Cherry Tayao

I like the services of St. Jude Medical Center. The doctors and nurses and the staff are nice except for that nurse in the ER Jason. I took my patient there last October 12,2017 at 8pm. After all the tests results came. Which is around 12 midnight. We were told that my patient is going to be admitted. He made us wait until 5 am to get a room. I kept on asking him about when are we going to be transferred upstairs because my patient is 91 yrs old and we had a long day. He just kept on telling me to wait. That there is a room for us. That it is just very busy that night. The thing is it really was not busy that night. He was just busy chatting with the other patient even thought he is done with them. Telling them about his girlfriend and when he visited her in San Francisco. And yet he has the nerve to be pissed with me when I ask to speak with the doctor. Another one was that Nurse Aide Giovanni that they’ve sent to change the diaper of my patient. Yes he came and change the diaper but he never wiped her clean. And the diaper was ripped off when he was pulling it. Instead of changing it. He told me that they don’t have any big size diaper. I am so disappointed with this two. I hope their supervisors will talk to them and remind them to do their job right. Other than that the other nurses and staff on the third floor are nice and doing an excellent job! I commend them for that.

Rating: 5 /5

Karen Thompson [Miller, Bob MS]

My mother was in for surgery recently and received excellent care from start to finish...the lab, Scan techs, admissions, food service department, and all medical personnel consistently demonstrated professionalism and kindness. Shout out to the 5th floor!! You guys took great care of her!

Rating: 1 /5

Alvaro Resendiz

I never go back there they make you wait a long time I was 11 hours waiting in the lobby emergency room

Rating: 5 /5

Miriam Leon

Hi everyone inspite of the fact that I have never been here myself I highly respect the people who work here because they are very compassionate to everbody who is suffering from all kinds of illnesses, especially to those kids who are suffering from cancer. If I ever meet someone who has cancer I will refer them to this wonderful hospital for treatment. Kudos everyone for all that you have done to restore the health of those poor kids who are barely starting to live in this cruel worlld. Keep up the great work and I wish you all well on all of your endeavors. Have a very happy life everybody and pray to god for guidance so that you can continue to do your utmost to help these poor kids to get well again.