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Consumer feedback about St Luke's Hospital - Anderson Campus

Patrick Von Raven
Patrick Von Raven

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

On 06/12/2018, I was transported from my home to your Anderson Campus for near syncope. Weeks later, I received a bill from the St Luke’s Emergency Physician Specialists in the amount of $612.00 for “This is a work-related injury/illness and thus the liability.”

I never once claimed any work related injury/illness.

On 07/06/2018, upon seeing this false billing, I contacted the billing department. It’s difficult to reach them and I had no choice but to leave a voice mail explaining how this bill was false, that I never once claimed any worker related issues. I eventually received a voice mail from said department telling me that they corrected the matter and sent the update to my heath care provider, Capitol Blue Cross.

Today, I open my mail to find that the St Luke’s Emergency Physician Specialists again sent me the false bill, again in the amount of $612.00 and again stating the same: “This is a work-related injury/illness and thus the liability.”

So, I called the billing number and once again couldn’t reach anyone. So, I left a voice mail. Not satisfied with this, I called your other billing department, which had sent me the correct bill with my co-payment of $200.00. I explained the situation and, fortunately, that rep was able to get someone from the St Luke’s Emergency Physician Specialists billing department on the phone.

I again explained the situation, how I never once claimed that this was work related. The rep claimed that I was transported from work for work related illness. Such completely false information was alarming. I can easily prove that I wasn’t transported from work to the hospital, but from my home as this is a matter of record at the 9-1-1 center, including the voice recording of my 9-1-1 call. The ambulances that transported me to the ER can also verify that I had been transported from my home. The rep then assured me that after my initial voicemail (07/06/2018), they sent a corrected form to Capitol Blue Cross, but never heard back from them, so the billing department again sent me the false bill. They suggested that I contact Capitol Blue Cross to rectify this. You can imagine my annoyance and concern over the incompetence of the Anderson campus emergency room, doctor and the person(s) responsible for this false bill.

I contacted Capitol Blue Cross and they checked and found that they never received such a correction from St Luke’s Emergency Physician Specialists. So I called the billing department back, actually got someone on the phone and told them what Capitol Blue Cross said. That’s when the rep admitted that, after our first conversation today, she checked and discovered that the correction form was never submitted to Capitol Blue Cross. She then assured me that she just submitted it. Based on the above mentioned experiences, I have no confidence that this was done.

Could you explain how I could ever feel comfortable going to a St Luke’s Hospital—or associated medical offices--after what appears to be a misdiagnosis from the doctor(s); how they somehow got “work related injury/illness”; and the incompetence of your billing department in handling a simple correction? After the billing department didn’t receive a response from Capitol Blue Cross regarding the correction, instead of re-sending me the false charges, I would think the billing department would’ve followed up with my insurance company to confirm…especially when the rep was easily able to check after my first phone call today. One simple, quick check would’ve rectified this matter so that it would’ve never escalated to this point. I would suggest making this a procedure, so that folks like me to have to be inconvenienced in sorting out the mistakes and false billings by your hospital network.

Amanda Moore
Amanda Moore

2 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

What is going on with the emergency department!? I never had a bad experience at this hospital until today. My family and I came at around 1am and the waiting room was empty and yet once we were given a room the staff managed to be very inattentive. At one point we rang the call bell and they let it ring for several minutes before coming to assist. I understand there are other patients, but it was ridiculous how long it took, especially when you could hear staff chit chatting in the hallway. Now this evening I attempted to call the emergency department to ask a question before I have to drive back over there and no one answered the phone! It just rang and rang. I then called the main number and had the operator try to connect and she contacted several numbers including the nurses station and she was unable to get through either. Very disappointed.

greg ruch
greg ruch

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Went in for kidney stones and infection. They didn't screw around with time in the ER, surgery, and treatment. Staff was extremely polite and professional. They had time for me no matter what questions I had. The nurses and doctors were great. I'm the kind of person that likes to understand how everything work and Francis took the time to explain how a CAT Scan actually works as he was really proficient in the operation of the equipment. Great job everyone!!!!

Yemi Ortega
Yemi Ortega

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

St. Luke's calls itself "the #1 healthcare provider in the Lehigh Valley" or whatever (as of this review) but they have a long ways to go. It really highlights the problem with healthcare in the Lehigh Valley. The area has been expanding quickly, so there's more of an emphasis on quantity rather than quality of care.

The hospital is ok for regular patient procedures, but as many other people have pointed out, the ER is absolutely terrible, and what's a proper hospital without a good ER?

The wait to get care, and this is with little to no rush, is extremely long. Slow to respond to patients' needs at times and some staff members are very chatty. I guess they don't care because they're getting paid either way.

Bottom line is I would not recommend anyone trusting them when their life is in serious jeopardy. Review may seem harsh, but they do call themselves a "hospital."

D Car
D Car

3 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I think I might go to Easton Hospital in the future.

I recently had to go to the ER and am very unhappy with the doctor who treated me. He was strange, had a terrible bedside manner, barely introduced himself and spent a total of less than 3 minutes with me. But the weirdest thing was he would not look me in the eye. He was very offputting. Also, he was making unilateral decisions about my treatment and diagnosis rather than discussing anything with me. Tried to admit me when there was no good cause to do so (all tests were negative). I refused. And when he could not confirm his initial diagnosis, he just kind of abandoned me. So there's no information about what actually happened to me. Thanks for nothing but a big bill and huge bruises on my arm because it took the nurses 4 painful attempts to put in the IV (lots of digging around in my arm). I plan on writing a long letter to the Administration.

This hospital is new and clean, and I think it's fine for outpatient procedures and tests. But I have been to the ER more than once, and every time their doctors failed to provide an accurate diagnosis. Doctors today seem to be poorly trained. They also seem to be very sensitive and egotistical. If you find a doctor who will speak to you like you are not an idiot, and admit when they are wrong, don't ever leave that doctor. But good luck, it's like finding a unicorn.

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