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181 reviews

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CHI St. Luke’s Health–Patients Medical Center provides advanced medical care to the communities in Pasadena, Deer Park, La Porte, Baytown, and Clear Lake. As a part of CHI St. Luke’s Health since 2010, the facility in Pasadena is equipped to handle a wide variety of primary and specialized services using the latest technological advances and the highest standards of care.

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(181 reviews)

Liz Lopes

This place is the worst, worst staff I ever had to deal with all but 2 have really bad attitudes and if you ask them about discharge information they will lie to you and say patient wont get discharge when they are per DR. request. there is NO COMMUNICATION what so ever. There were really like 2 staff members that were actually decent and the Dr. were also good. The rest of the staff just singing and goofing around. If they are gonna be doing that atleast be nice when helping people out otherwise find another job.


Compassionate and professional nurses and support staff, but obviously stretched far too thin. Not enough rooms or staff for the huge amount of patients. Hopefully it can get some serious reinvestment. Special thanks to some dedicated night-shift nurses, you're all absolute heroes.

Samantha Smith

I'm here currently and the staff are pretty great. I went to First Choice ER first and their bedside manner was awful; I was treated like a hypochondriac with a headache. Trusting my gut, I came here instead to get thorough care and I certainly have. Unlike the other doctor at First Choice, the ER doctor did not try to force IV medication upon me and gave me an open option to have them if I wanted. The LPN that came in to do my neurologic quick exam was extremely thorough and kind. To top it, the radiology department as a whole was WONDERFUL. The radiology tech was very kind and explained the iodine procedure in depth. She even calmed me when my anxiety kicked in. Her tech brought me a blanket when he showed up to transport me and also provided me with another on the trip back. Be sure t thing yet: he even brought my boyfriend, who isnt even the patient, a nice cold glass of water. I would choose this ER over any other nearby any day.

steven guerrero

I had carpel tunnel surgery at this hospital and I have to say it was likely the worst medical experience I've had. I had given them my insurance information several weeks in advance of my surgery yet, they day I show up, they still had not confirmed my insurance. I have excellent insurance, however, my provider is on the west coast. They told me "I'd have to wait until they confirmed". This is after I travelled from out of state for this surgery. Not only did I have to re-schedule, I had to pay my own accommodations/expenses for a week until they could get me in again. The woman "helping" me was callous and indifferent. Not sure I could have a more negative opinion about this place and it's staff. THE WORST!

Whitney Betros

I stayed there a couple weeks, and they had some kind of secret room they watch u in next to mine. And in the restroom. 2nd floor. Also they would mess the the mattress. Sounds crazy but true. A few other situations i rather not discuss went wrong also. HORRIBLE