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1601 W St Mary’s Rd, Tucson, AZ 85745, USA
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Consumer feedback about St. Mary'S Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Gilbert Meltvedt

Absolutely NEVER AGAIN! These people only care about money... and getting it before treatment...even if YOUR DEDUCTIBLE HAS BEEN SATISFIED! They also HARASS you on the phone...I’m in awful pain, they decide that they’re going to get the intake forms and such done WITH NO REGARD FOR SAFETY OR ANYTHING ELSE...THEY ONLY CARED ABOUT THE FORMS, NOT THAT THEY WERE ENDANGERING ME TRYING TO KEEP ME ON THE PHONE WHILE DRIVING...or in the drs office...two different lines from the same office rang in the very same moment. These people haven’t done one thing to make me feel good about having surgery here. Maybe change the name from something that gives the illusion of compassion...not gonna get that here.

Rating: 2 /5

Michelle H.

If you have serious complaints, contact the Arizona department of health, or Medicare (if applicable) they can actually affect changes, unlike a useless Google review. That being said, any intelligent person can see the difference between the real and fake reviews, here. My family has had multiple negative experiences at St. Mary's. I'm going to do everything I can to convince my loved ones to never come here again, or at least until something changes corporate-wise, or until state regulations and penalties are imposed. Good luck and good health!

Rating: 5 /5

Jessica Nava

Very friendly staff. As someone who works as a RN at another local hospital. I was quite impressed. It is expected for there to be long wait times in the Emergency Department as it is flu season AND many "snow birds" are in Tucson. I brought my mother in law who was insistent on coming to this hospital and I must admit I was initially ready for rude, unhelpful nursing staff. That was not the case during our time here. The constant check in with my mother in law, the response time to her questions, I was very happy with the level professionalism. Yes it took "took forever waiting" but this team made sure we were aware of our importance and apologized for the wait. Thank you for changing my perception of St. Mary's Hospital.

Rating: 1 /5

Lynne B

The care here is adequate, however you better watch your bill! The ED contracts with a firm out of Oklahoma to staff with physicians, and these doctors are not contracted with the same insurance as the hospital! I'm on the receiving end of a $1630 doctor's bill for 10 minutes of care. I have Blue Cross insurance because everybody takes it and it's worth the extra expense. Apparently Carondelet doesn't feel like hiring in-network physicians is worthwhile. I'll take my business elsewhere.

Rating: 5 /5

Brian Hughes

As an employee I've always considered myself pretty friendly to patients, visitors and staff. It's a very easy way of being when you're constantly surrounded by people who care for you and everyone around you. I've been a patient here a few times over the past several years and when I'm here in that capacity I instantly become an observer. Everyone here genuinely cares for one another and the people they're helping. I've noticed this far more prevalent than other hospitals in Tucson. You might think I have a little bias in my views and you're probably right, but I really have seen the way people treat each other and it MATTERS. This is a very caring, friendly, loving environment. You don't find a better balance of family, friendship and professionalism under one roof. We all know we have one of the most important jobs in our lives and the lives that come here depending on us. I feel I can completely trust my life to those around me. We are a focused team and we focus on the importance of healing. We do not pride ourselves on saving lives, it's just something we do. We live normal lives and we're normal people just wanting to lend a hand and help in any way we can. Not only to those under our care, but to those in our community. Everyone matters. Even me. Brian Hughes - St. Mary's Facilities Employee.