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Consumer feedback about St Marys Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Hampton Jay

That red headed drag queen in security needs to know policy or ask. It's her responsibility to know her complete job, completely. Instead of acting like like she Wonder Woman. That's why she is working security and not an officer. Just to know you peon, I am disabled and I'll bring that up as week. And by the way before having a disability job... I am damn sure I had 3-4 times more money than you ever could. Me

Rating: 1 /5

Sage Wysocki

Very poor service the few times I’ve had the displeasure of dealing with this hospital. One time I was discharged at 4am, after waiting forever between nurses checking on me and the help button in the room not recieving any response. The hospital was very empty and appeared very understaffed. My phone had died so I tried to track someone down at the front desk to borrow a phone. Nobody. I ended up using the janitor’s phone to call family. Incredibly poor service and long wait times. With that being said, I don’t fault the nurses. They seem to be doing all they can and quite understaffed. Coming from Aspen Valley -Hospital and Glenwood Springs’ Valley View as my regular care centers, I would gladly make the drive to avoid this place at all costs.

Rating: 1 /5

Paulina Meza

Baby friendly hospital? They just care about Monet having nice rooms fir mothers and babies. But plase make a favor to yourself and be very carefully. I got a C section and they ruin my life. I was with drugs for pain so may baby go and they gave me a nipple shield because the baby didn't latch. But of course he was under the medication effects. They I barely try to haul me breast-feed my baby and they just gave me the nipple shot and they also offer me formula the first day without trying to help me to breast-feed my baby. After that he got nipple Confusion, after eight weeks I have been using a tooth to try to feed my baby from my breast, just because they didn't have the patience to help me to let my baby my breast. Which hospital baby friendly offer your formula the first hours of your baby without even helping you to try to latch him

Rating: 1 /5

Kathy Swenson

Stay away! My mom was in severe pain, and they made her wait 7 hours after being checked in for her pain meds. Then they refused to give her an emergency surgery because she didn’t have insurance. Go to community hospital, better, quicker, and more competent staff. Will never step foot on their property again.

Rating: 1 /5

John Morris

I’ve never in my life had such a terrible experience with a physician. Dr Figueroa is my opinion one of the condescending and insulting people I’ve ever encountered. I’m in Colorado for work as I’m from the east coast. Having been diagnosed with a stroke I was taken to the ICU after been given a clot busting medicine and was transferred to the icu. Once on the floor, I was privileged to have 2 of the most amazing nurses a patient could ever have, from Kathy th RN in triage to Nick who was my nurse and both Emily’s I had on the unit. Munfortunately that wonderful experience had a wet blanket named Dr Figueroa. I’ve never been so insulted by someone ( Dr or otherwise) I was treated with disdain, rudeness and overall plain poor service. When confronted about his behavior being condescending his reaction Was a chuckle and he said “ yes I am condescending “ it’s sad that a person such as myself 2200 miles away from home and no support would be treated like a dog has me letting people know if you’re given a choice of St Mary’s hospital or a walk in clinic, take the latter, for the money your spending save it before being treated like your just a whipping post for a Dr who is in my opinion has the biggest chip on his shoulder. So my advice is this...... if given a choice of medical facilities make a sound decision to make your mental health as good as your physical health as well. I am truly disgusted by this facility and more to the point. Dr Figueroa on the ICU unit will not be greeting you with anything more than insults and a general anger problem