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Consumer feedback about St Vincent Medical Center/North

Rating: 2 /5

Robyne Richards

Came in last night to get treatment for flu symptoms..As soon as I was called back, the lady was EXTREMELY RUDE to me. Earlier that night, I made sure to type up the symptoms on a memo in my phone, since I knew I was extremely weak then and would only get worse. Lady refused to let me even touch my phone and then FLIPPED the phone into my lap and replied that the equipment is sensitive to it. I explained I could go out into the waiting room and put it on airplane mode so no signal could interfere and it was quite obvious that I was so weak to barely speak, but was only ignored and interrupted with, "Tell me your symptoms-I don't want to see what Google says about the flu, and try to tell me your height without googling it first." At this point, I was extremely enraged and wanted to walk out with what little energy I had. Was later treated by a nice nurse who made up for this other woman's rude behavior. She is the only reason for the 2 stars. Later on, the same rude woman as before (never did give me her name) came back into my room and administered some drugs with the same rude behavior. I would have NEVER went to this hospital if I knew I would be greeted with this kind of poor attitude. If It was up to me, I would make sure that ugly behavior woman gets fired and is never part of any direct patient hospital staff again.

Rating: 1 /5

Tommye Watts

I'm in the ER right now. I've been here since around 6:30. The doctor has been really rude. The ER waiting room had face masks on the floor. The af base told to come here and get a CT scan. The doctor didn't want to do it because of insurance. The base told me to not leave until a CT scan was done and that I have tricare so it is covered. The doctor kept saying, "well, when you get cortisone shots it takes a while and I need to see my pain Dr not ER." Then I was told we don't do CT scans unless the patient insists. He did order me a shot and the scan in the end but wasn't happy about it and let me know he wasn't.

Rating: 5 /5

Jack Blackmore

Best Hospital of all I wouldn't recommend any other Hospital. St Vincent hospital I was there for a week and they treated me good and I wouldn't go to any other Hospital and I would come back anytime . The number one St Vincent Hospital.

Rating: 1 /5

nicole goodwin

I understand worse people should go back first but when we first walked in only one person was there after waiting over 2.5 hours and there were about 5 others there and no one had went back except one person I went to ask about how long it would be. She told me there were 3 people infront of me basically everyone that came in after me would be seen first I lost it. That is ridiculous. I went in for a severe ear infection that I have been trying to fight at home and 2 dr appts later nothing was working it was my last resort. I haven’t been able to hear for 9 days and basically y’all have pushed my issue under the rug. I will never be back. The er was my last resort.

Rating: 5 /5

Lewis Perslta

I posted a negative review initially. After staying on the 4th floor for 5 nites, I have a much more accurate picture of this facility, specifically the staff. Know that one bad incident doesn't mean this hospital is awful. Got to give credit where credit is due. Mistakes happen and need to be addressed. How can they correct issues if they don't know. The 4th floor has been operating w a limited staff due to the flu. Still, they made adjustments to schedules and provided consistent, sincere and first rate care that I would put up against any hospital and I've had my family member at 5+ hospitals in lr area in the past year. I assume the bad comments posted are legit. I thought mine was, but my initial negative comments said more about me, than this facility. So, this is ur ""Angies list" review. Voice your concerns! My change of heart started w Dr Ramirez. Convinced me we would resolve my family members issues. And today it happened. I have a plan/path to make our "quality of life" better, the best it can be considering the circumstances. Thank you. A few names that pop up. Belinda (engaging), Michael, Shannon, Qwin, Tina (thx) , Julie, Stacey, Chelsey (made a point to ensure we were good), believable. Laura (energetic), Karen. The nurse that brought me two pillows. The nurse we called "big eyes" and "Smiley", cleaning constantly. And I forgot the nurses name the second day. Dang, this is almost the entire staff. Yep, that's cause it's the whole staff. Surely I can find something negative to post.....i tried! Lol.