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1670 St Vincent's Way, Middleburg, FL 32068, USA
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Consumer feedback about St Vincents Medical Center – Clay County

Rating: 1 /5

ireacta and play 0907

My wife went in with liver failure, they asked me her weight and I told them how much fluid she has on her body they said I didn't know what I was talking about even though the Dr office said the same thing I did a few months before. They even said that she didn't even have enough to drain. 3 weeks later I rushed her to a hospital in Orlando and she was 21 pounds heavier than she was at St Vincent's. She has a tremendous amount of fluid. They pretty much threw her out of the door as fast as they could without even telling us what we need to do. If we need to take her to a facility that will help her better. They just hoped she made it out of their parking lot before she died. Then time to fill the meds and 1 required pre-authorization and the Dr said no and would not write anything else. I would not bring my dog there to get a splinter removed

Rating: 1 /5

Angela Bean

The night shift nurses are super nice and on time with medications.. but day shift is another story.. they wouldn't and could not answer simple questions. They Were three to four hours late with each dose of medication. When the nurse button is pushed it takes them an hour to two hours before they come to your bed side. During discharge I was in so much pain they refused to write me a prescription for the medication that was controlling my pain while in their care. Even if it was just for 2 days so that I can get an appointment with my other Dr and have my pain controlled. I tried to ask a registered nurse a simple question about bowel movements and when to be worried. And what symptoms to look out for. She said my questions were intimidating and she left the room. I had to go and sweet-talk her in front of other nurses to get my question answered by the head nurse. Then they refused to give me the name of the doctor that had seen me. And refused to give me a phone number to contact her . What the hell I hate this Hospital.

Rating: 5 /5

Sam Eason

I was admitted through emergency, and while in emergency I was carefully attended to. After admittance, I was most pleased with the services provided. The room was clean and well furnished for my needs. The floor staffs for all shifts were most professional and courteous. The different Doctors were knowledgeable and explained my conditions to me and my wife very clearly and in laymen terms. I say St. Vincent’s is Clay County’s Mayo.

Rating: 5 /5

Ashley Brown

I went recently to the ER in clay county and I was blown away with the kindness that I encountered with every staff member. From the front desk personnel, the nurse who obtained my vitals, the EMT that did my labwork (they were super swamped that day and everyone was helping wherever they could), to my nurse in the room (Errol I think his name was, who was amazing and welcoming by the way), the CT tech and to the doctor that treated and diagnosed me. Thank the lord my diagnosis did not turn out what we were all afraid of! And I highly recommend this facility to anyone. Thank you again St. Vincent's Clay for everything.

Rating: 1 /5

Rocket Reed

My son (3) bite through his bottom lip and I was unsure if he needed a stitch or not. I arrived and went straight back to the doctor. The doctor cleaned and glued the small cut in under 5 minutes then we left. We paid a out-of-pocket there of 329.36. Plus the doctored bill of 465.98 and a few weeks later another hospital bill for 2,704.00 dollars. That's EXCESSIVE to be charge over 3000.00 dollars for a doctor to clean and glue a cut in 5 minutes. I'm in the process of disputing the bill but the hospital will not return contact plus keeps sending us the bill. I've just filled a complaint with BBB and wanted to leave a review so others don't fall victim to this heartless place. Update: I disputed the charges and they processed the wrong dispute for another account... How is this place still OPEN?