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1.8 Rating 1.8
27 reviews

About Starr County Memorial Hospital

Starr County Memorial Hospital is an acute-care general medical center, dedicated to serving the residents of Starr County and the surrounding areas since established in 1975,
The hospital offers a full range of medical services, with a special emphasis on emergency care, family medicine, mental health, and rehabilitative care for patients with serious and complex illnesses and disabilities, surgical, obstetric, and pediatric services
SCMH is licensed by the State of Texas and accredited by CMS. It is also a member of the Texas Hospital Association, American Hospital Association, and the Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals.

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Emergency Services
  • Emergency Department
Radiology / Nuclear Medicine / Imaging
  • Computed Tomography
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Obstetrics
Emergency Service Available


Group Service


Hospital Type
  • Acute Care Hospitals
Control Type
  • Governmental Hospital District
Total Staffed Beds 48

Licensed Beds 48

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TPS Quality Score 36.67 Rating 1.8
(27 reviews)

Michelle Villarreal

My grandmother was hospitalized here...and we experienced wonderful service from Dr Carlos Paris from DHR that is new here.. & for the nurses. He attended and treated our loved one with excellence. Drs are coming from DHR to better attend patients here. The reputation hasn't been good here in Rio Grande City...but as a family..we thank you Dr. Paris for your patience, concerns and love you have for the patients.

Peter Michael Buffa

E.R. Nurses/Staff highly skilled and some of the best I have ever worked with - triage works smoothly and filters patients appropriately

Kendal Demonbreum

So fed up with this place! I recieved a bill from them for the ambulance when I was in labor and I explained that I gave the guy my information for my insurance and he typed it into the computer. Lady on phone said "Well it says here you never gave us your insurance and you had 90 day to claim it" How could I claim something I never got a statement for before now?! I started to get a little argumentative and thats when she goes to say "Ohhh I guess you did. Disregard the bill until the claim is settled." Such bs. My husband is NOW dealing with this also. He was KNOCKED out on the ambulance ride but when he finally woke up to the doctor in the ER he gave him the insurance so how could my husband give them his insurance to the ambulance when he was passed out?! He never got a statement till now and theyre saying "Well you had 90 days to claim it" once again, how could he claim something when he knew nothing about the statement until 120 days later and is just now recieving a statement. Lots of our friends are also dealing with this bs! Hate for anyone needing an ambulance ride because theyll claim we never gave them our insurance


Worst service ever, the nurses made jokes of a suicidal attempt, JOKES, are you serious i wanted to go punch them in the mouth, they need to be taught some manners YOU should never make fun of someone who wanted to end their life that is really low of them and pathetic. Most workers don’t even do their job instead are just talking about their crazy nights, so more than likely you’ll have to wait till they are done chatting about their life, wow, well isn't that great, by the time they finish just go to another hospital cause you’ll probably just die in that lobby where they make you wait for so long. Need new “caring” nurses! but instead you get workers that love to gossip & will probably gossip about you too, they work for only the money. I’m sure there is like only 2 good caring nurses everyone else should not be working there, they give the hospital a bad name, they don’t even help just to talk badly about the patients. save your time from this place and go somewhere else, if you have heard about the bad reputation on this place it is for a reason, they will probably let you die as well if you attend this hospital in a really super bad condition. Rio Grande Tx needs a NEW hospital, with NEW caring , kind nurses this hospital is terrible. Dear workers, If you’re in a bad mood leave that attitude OUT of the workplace. I hope i never have to return to that terrible place. I’ll take my chances by driving to mission or mcallen if i’m in any need of medical assistance. So, just go anywhere else than here.

Stealth God

Went because I didn’t feel good thought I was gonna get help and I didn’t,got sent home the same way I entered , plus the doctor looks like he don’t care and acts like It, I was literally telling him something and it look like he was laughing cause he thought I was joking or something