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Need your medical records from Starr Regional Medical Center Athens?


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100 reviews

Dennis Bell

5 Star Regional Medical Center in Athens is sub standard. Now, both I and my wife have had bad experiences there. Today, I'm upset that my wife, who was scheduled to have a colon scope is just now seeing the doctor, who was supposed to be there over 2 hours ago. My wife has been without real food now for over a day and a half and she just called me to let me know that the doctor just now arrived. She had been waiting at this hospital since 9:30a and it is now 1:45p. Of course, the hospital wanted their payment up front or they would charge several hundred dollars extra. Just further proof that America's healthcare system is in a shambles. No telling how long it will now take before she is through with this slipshod service. Unbelievable!!! A couple of years ago, I was in this same hospital with internal bleeding. They couldn't figure anything out and I was sent to a regular room where I passed out again due to loss of blood. They basically threw up their hands and sent me to Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga where a simple test showed that the problem was H Pylori causing an ulcer to bleed. Of course this was thousands of dollars later. Guess if you have a minor cut or abrasion, you could go here and maybe get help. Otherwise, try to go somewhere else! BTW, Owner, if you see this, don't bother with your platitudes. You're in it for the money of which you're getting plenty. I pray for the day that sensible people force you to straighten up your act and hold you accountable for your actions.

Wanda Boss

My daughter had an MRI done. She always fall asleep in there MRI. Because it looks like a coffin. They thought she was on drugs.Which she plain told them she was not. That they wanted her to call her mom and get a ride she told them her mom was sick. But they still wanted her to call her mom.

Amanda osteen

Went to the emergency room tonight Trent was my doctor he had constant sniffles.. Prior to coming into the hospital I took 4 pregnancy test all positive. Also felt like I had a uti and he wanted to do a pelvic exam (why I have no clue) but he said I didn't have a uti but I feel like I do..! Well he took a pregnancy test and said his test was 97% accurate but said I was not pregnant).. yet home pregnancy tests are 99% accurate. And when I got home I took a clear blue pregnancy test and guess what it says PREGNANT. I will have to find another doctor to be able to find out if I have a bladder or uti. The nurses I seen walk past my room was rolling their eyes and snobby like. I think I won't return to this place... Plus the wait was horrible why haven't they fixed this since that last few years I mean look at the reviews from 2 years ago yet still haven't approved wait time? Good luck to who ever goes

Brittany Frye

Had go to ER for my son's broken arm the staff was excellent but the fact we were there for 6 hrs was ridiculous. I understand and respect fact of other patients but at most 2 hrs really should've been the most. Next day surgeon sends us to outpatient, excellent staff, we were in c- wing for prep and observation and the nurses and doctors were amazing wit my 7yr old. Great place, bad er timing

Laura Armstrong

This review is actually for Starr Regional OutPatient Rehab Etowah. I had a total hip replacement on July 8. The out patient physical therapy I received from the Etowah Staff was amazing. Their skill and compassionate care rehabbed me to normal walking without assistance within 6 visits which normally requires 5 weeks or longer. Huge thanks to Floyd, Whitney, Shelby, and Anna! I wouldn’t go anywhere else!