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Consumer feedback about Steele Memorial Medical Center

Mama Indigo
Mama Indigo

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

July 4, 2019
To Steel Memorial Medical Center Director and/or
To whom may concern:

I when to the emergency room on July 2, 2019 during the evening hours around 7:30-8:00 pm I when to ER to take my 6 years old boy to get check because he had felt on the stairs of our house earlier that day, my older (12 years old) son also was with us. I am writing this letter because I have a very serious concern about the strange way Dr. Anderson talk to both of my boys that day.

As soon Dr. Anderson enter the room, he said Hi! and he wash his hands, I tell him that I really appreciate that he washed his hands. He said that he always does. Right after that Dr. Anderson direct himself to my older son and said: “Hi young Lady, how are you” I immediately correct him saying: “He is a Boy with long hair, they both are” Dr. Anderson then direct himself to my 6 years old saying: “what about you? Where are your Barbies?” my 6 years old son reply: “I do not have Barbies, I am a Boy” and Dr. Anderson repeat himself again and again (About 7 times) saying: “Where are your Barbie’s? You are lying! I know that you have barbies” My son reply: “No! I don’t”
Dr. Anderson said: “I know you do but do not want to admit it” “You should grab your barbie take off her head” and with his hands Dr. Anderson was demonstrating how to do it.

My 6 years son and all of us was smiling in a way of shock because with could not believe what was happening. Then my 6 years old son says “you are scaring me’ and Dr. Anderson said:
“That is nothing wait until I use the blue boiling on you” I look it him confused I he directs himself to me saying: “Do you know what is that?” I reply: No! and he said: Is the way they Torture prisoner when they do not want to talk” then he direct himself to my son saying: “That is what I am going to use on you” he turn around and get the medical tool to do the examination on my son.
My older son was in complete shock as well as I was.
Then after the examination he speak in Spanish to my son, Then Dr. Anderson directs himself to me and said: “Everything look find and the X-trays are not necessary” and he explained that is not a good idea to do X-Rays on young children because of the radiation.

The Dr. Anderson left the room. And My 6 years old son ask me to take him to the restroom and I did while my older son stay in the exam room. When my son and I return to the room the was Dr. Anderson talking to my son older son about Barbies AGAIN! This time the nurse was also there. In that moment I could not stop myself and I said: Please Stop taking to my children about Barbies we do not like Barbies in first place I do not agreed with the impact barbies has on girls making then think they has to look like them to be perfect. And the nurse agreed with me. Then on the way out once again Dr. Anderson direct himself to my boy saying: “Come GIRLS! Go home!” Then Dr. Anderson walk us to the door and say good bye.

Right after we left the hospital my children when crazy complain to me of how rude and mean the Doctor was. They refer to him as “The mean creepy Clown Doctor” my sons said “We never want to come to this hospital ever again”
I was not able to process well what had just happened but after the situation reply in my mind again and again, I knew that my duty as a Mom and as a Human being was to made this letter and make sure something drastic is done about this situation also make sure that Dr. Anderson NEVER talk like that to any children ever again or to anyone.

He makes me think and feel that he may be in some type of drug effect, because the behavior is definitely NOT the behavior of a Doctor. And HIS BEHAVIOR IS UNACCEPTABLE!

I am writing this letter to request and demand as a mother and human being that a meeting take place to discuss this serious situation with Dr. Anderson.

Nancy Watts
Nancy Watts

4 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I was very impressed with the quality of care by all the staff. Making sure all your needs were being taken care of. After traveling from hamilton, mt for a total hip replacement I felt a long ways from home but from the moment I walked into the hospitial I felt sure I would be taken care of very well. Upon discharge the nurse's made sure I was comfortable for my trip back home. Did I mention the food was delicious and I felt I was eating restaurant quality food. Best experience of a hospitial stay I have ever had. Thanks again to all of the people who helped me get thru my surgery. Keep up the the good work!!!

LarryW Smith
LarryW Smith

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

I’m writing this review under the direction of a good buddy that I’m helping to rehab, “Big” Mike Gassmann from Hamilton, Montana. His Doctor recommended Steel Memorial because of the cleanliness, the equipment and the facility itself. After much research we decided to drive the 110 miles each way to have this procedure done there and we’re glad we did. Mike had a TOTAL knee replacement. Pretty tough surgery!
Upon arrival/check in, everyone was very welcoming, knowledgeable, polite, considerate, informative and most importantly professional.
My Doctor, Dr. Behm and his anathesiologist set me at ease before the surgery and everyone, I mean everyone introduced themselves. I couldn’t believe the amount of people on the team, all of which were very nice and caring. This set my mind at ease.
Next thing I knew I was in recovery. I guess I was trying to wheel and deal the nurses to give me a drink of water. $20? $35? What’s it going to take?
They never budged, only for me to find out later how important it was for them to stick to their rules. I was there 3 days. I’ve got to be honest, I hate hospitals but these folks were super. My requests were answered and met almost immediately. My stay was pleasant and almost enjoyable. Seriously, I felt like I was in a high end hotel. The nursing staff was amazing.
I want to Thank my Doctor, the anathesiologist, the hospital and all the staff for taking care of this guy who USED to dislike hospitals. It’s a good feeling to know that there is a place like Steel Memorial, top of the line.
Thank You All!
Again: Even though this was posted on Face Book under LarryWayneSmith it was written by the patient Michael J. Gassmann

River Tucker
River Tucker

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

They take forever for anything and they never actually figure out what's wrong they just assume most the time. Wish they would have some doctors that actually cared in there. There's a very small amount that care.


1 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

They focus more on money than actual care. They don't take the time to sit hear and solve the issue.