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Consumer feedback about Stormont-Vail Healthcare

Stormont Vail Hospital
Reviewed from Google

3.4 out of 5 stars

Maurice Wright
Maurice Wright

4 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

(Original review.) Even one star is one too many. Negative 3 stars, at least. I have yet to have a good experience with this hospital or ER. Both parents have been in here in recent times, both as ER patients and admitted patients. Misinformation, lack of information, loss/theft of personal items, ridiculous wait times in the ER, long waits for assistance in patients' rooms, rough handling, and generally poor care are the orders of the day. The ER is particularly bad. Wait times are outrageous, and few staff members are forthcoming with any information. You sit... and sit... and sit... and sit... and nobody tells you anything. Anyone with a life-threatening emergency could die while waiting the hours and hours patients have to wait to be seen. The priority in the ER seems to be on protocol and paperwork, rather than actually caring for patients... let alone caring for patients in a timely manner. I've seen people give up in frustration and leave the ER without being seen, which is sad, but understandable. The system is clearly broken. Does management even care?

UPDATE: Rating changed from one star to 4 because, the very next evening, we had to get Mom into the ER again, and the staff saved her life. Post-hip replacement, Mom went into shock this night, and nearly died. All staff did an excellent job. Must give credit where credit is due. The previous night's experience was horrible, as have been recent hospitalizations, but the ensuing night in the ER was completely different, and the level of care was above and beyond. Further, the staff in Critical Care was very helpful and supportive during some issues we had to work through.

Jena Dunham
Jena Dunham

5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

This is a great community hospital. The food here is actually pretty good with lots of options. Two cafeterias to choose from, one on the first floor and one on the basement. Great facilities that are clean and updated. Lots of care options as well. Very caring staff.

Dan Evans
Dan Evans

2 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

My experience at Stormont Vail has not been a good one. I went into the emergency room at 0930 on June 12 with a tibia plateau fracture, broken fibia, and significant damage continuing down the tibia. The injury was evaluated and it was decided they were unable to perform the surgery and I was referred to KU Medical center in Kansas City.

Originally, the ambulance was to transport me at 1300, the company they contract with was unable to provide the transport and rescheduled. The next transfer came and went, and the next, and the next. By this time, I'm still in the filthy emergency room (dirt and the debris of the last patient strewn all over the floor), my abrasions have not even been cleaned, and I've been denied any food or water as KU has an operating room waiting on me (according to the staff at Stormont Vail).

I lay in that ER room until 1900, at which point the surgeon who did the original evaluation returned, explained that the staff of the OR had not notified him I was still there and he had just come in from home, and that now they had to rush me into surgery for stabilization as the leg was now so swollen I was in danger of developing compartment syndrome and it needed to be drained. I woke up with an external fixator on my leg.

That's not the end of the negligent care I received from them. I asked the next day for something to wash with, as I had been working in a muddy construction site during a 95 degree morning, then lay in pain all day and night, I was quite smelly. I asked and asked, but honestly I felt lucky they would bring my pain medicine after 20 or 30 minutes of me nagging them. (The surgeon had explained my injury was not repaired, and that due to the significant swelling which occurred waiting for a patient transport which never came my only option was painkillers until the swelling went down enough to repair the joint.)

Finally, at 0600, nearly 48 hours after my injury, they provided me with a tub and some wash cloths to at least cut the stink down. By this time, I will admit, I was not the ideal patient. I was in pain and frustrated of waiting long past when they were due for medications (I will say the third shift nurse knew her stuff and was outstanding, the other nurses did what they had to do if you pestered them enough), I was so filthy the stink clung to my hands for hours after using the urinal, and I was bedridden so unable to even get to the sink for a quick rinse off. I think we were all glad when I left late that morning.

In summery, I will not be returning to this hospital if it is at all possible. I had my surgery at KU Med on June 22 and the difference between the staff and facilities was striking. If at all possible I urge you to choose another provider for your medical needs.

Kim Yanez
Kim Yanez

1 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

My son got to hospital before I did and the operator in my trying to locate him by the nice Security guard. An he was the operator was very rude! I understand the heppa law but I am his mom and no matter what... No need for rudeness at all!

Haley Cress
Haley Cress

4 out of 5 stars

posted 8 months ago

I’ve had both of my children here, have gone to ER many times, and have never had any drastic issues. The staff is 9/10 very friendly, informative, and all around comforting with whatever your situation may be. I would recommend this hospital to my friends & family, definitely.

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