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3186 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States
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Consumer feedback about Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Lexi Baby

Be careful! They say this is suppose to be the best children's hospital in Las Vegas... But if so then why didn't PICU prevent my baby from forming bed soars/ pressure ulcers? Why did they force and threaten us into a treatment that we did not agree on for our son? Why did they try to trick me into signing a paper by putting one form under the other so that when I sign the top it will go through the back? Why did a nurse tell me that a lot of doctors are leaving due to all of the medical malpractice being done in there? Why did a nurse tell me that he could up my baby's dosage on medication, if I want him to, and that it would just be between us? Mind you he just offered I never asked. I been coming here for year since I was young but now I'm so done with this place. It scares me. Now I have to explain to my son why he has permanent scars and hair loss in that area. Thanks

Rating: 1 /5

Cali Love Cali Love

I've been here several times. The Emergency Waiting time is tremendously long! Waiting room, is always filled up. The staff, I've dealt with has been rude! The Nurses, in the ER, do not treat you like a human being at all. I wouldn't recommend this hospital! There is free parking, they have gift shops, cafeteria, coffee. It's on Maryland Prkwy & Desert Inn.

Rating: 2 /5

Becky Stiles

I was there 10/10/17. I had been vomiting and had an upset stomach all day before realizing that I was dehydrated. There is a nurse who was trying to take my blood pressure and pulse in the ER. I couldn't stay upright. I started to pass out and she yelled at me to get back in the chair, I did, but apparently I fainted, The next thing I know, I'm on the floor and covered in vomit. Gross. The nurse is yelling for me to get up and she is clearly VERY unhappy with me. Apparently, she got hit. So, obviously I'm going to be her least favorite person. I get that. But she was so mean. A guy with a gurney came up and put me on it. He asked her, "Where should I put her?" The nurse said, "You don't really want me to tell you where you can put her." Then she went across from me and started washing her hands in the sink, while giving me a death glare the whole time. I heard her telling the other staff that I "likes to throw herself on the floor." I came in around 9:00 PM and laid on a gurney in the hallway until about 4:30 AM when I was admitted to a room. Dr. Udell and the nurses that took care of me in the room were very nice. I honestly don't understand why someone who hates sick people would work in the ER. I know that this hospital had a very hard time with the mass shooting the week before. I get it. The people who came in were injured and needed help. I was sick and needed help, but I was made to feel even worse by this nurse's attitude toward me. I hope that all the other people who come to the ER are treated with more dignity and respect than I received.

Rating: 3 /5

Chuck Fu

I haven't had the best time in the ER here the waiting is very long and one time I was kept in ER for 30 hours. If I was that bad off why didn't they admit me? I was on a psych hold. But if my health was that bad then shouldn't I have been admitted? I was having a high bp and I wasn't even given nitroglycerin. I don't have to go to this hospital and I probably won't again unless I'm unconscious or dead. They also kept drawing my blood and the nurse(?) was terrible at blood draws. I'm not a squeamish person but now I won't get labs drawn. I'm phobic now. I have been admitted so I gave them the 3 stars based on that and the fact that they really deserve credit for the response to the mass shooting on October 1. But you shouldn't have to be near death to get treated better in emergency.

Rating: 5 /5

Comedian Cory Parella The Storytella

Vertigo, a symptom of a deeper inflammation in my ear, debilitating to walk, or even think. Despite a frighteningly busy E/R intake, staff worked the problem relentlessly until I went from barely standing assisted upon arrival to walking out revitalized within about 3 hours from my initial 911 call. Somebody get this hospital a grant. A very difficult "MASH"-like Las Vegas pressure point location, the doctors and RNs hit my prognosis with laser precision and guided me to preventative care through an ENT specialist. Bravo. If I had money, I'd tip someone. Good job, staff. Grateful.