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3901 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA 94509, USA
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Consumer feedback about Sutter Delta Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

aggie art

My mom received excellent care here. The nurses and staff are professional and caring. The rooms have good equipment for working with disabled personnel. The cafeteria is convenient too for the long days waiting for a loved one to recover.

Rating: 1 /5

Rolin Thunder

Don't go here for cuts on your face! You're better off going to a veterinarian. I cut my forehead badly (2 inch gash), and after sitting in waiting for 45 minutes an ER doc put superglue on the cut. She said in 5-7 days it will wear off but the wound will be healed together. Less than 24 hours later the glue had tore open and my wound was wide open and exposed. I had to go to an urgent care center where they stitched it closed and said the ER doc was stupid to use glue on my forehead. First pic is after ER glue. Second pic is at urgent care when ER glue failed.

Rating: 2 /5

Elisa Mixon

Every time I come here its a waste of time. They seem like its a joke waste your time to misdiagnose you, or give a general response. I had one doctor come in and say oh it nothing wrong in your ear, then the other lady say it very oblivious your ear is red in there I said really she just said it look normal. The lady was like well okay sarcasticly it normal. I drove all the way to Concord John Muir at 3am for my son I refuse to go to Sutter.

Rating: 1 /5

Hilary Sierra

Poor service, the security guy was so rude. Why do we have these type of people here? They should be here to help us and do their "correct job" not to be rude with an attitude. Second of all slow service my patient could be dying in pain and ya'lls service is poor I understand they have other patients but as I see they are waiting and waiting as well. So damn tired of these type of hospitals. Don't go here people

Rating: 1 /5


I came in for extreme tooth pain, vomiting, and facial numbness on November 8th. The nurses were SO kind and compassionate. Honestly they were so sweet to me and understanding that I didn't feel well. However, when the doctor, Monica Gascon, came in, she was the coldest, uncaring person I've ever met. She was not comforting at all. She took a two second look in my mouth and asked me "how long have you used meth for." I have horrible depression which is part of the reason I have tooth pain, because sometimes I can't take care of myself because the depression is so bad. I can't get myself out of bed, I can't shower, and I can't brush my teeth because the emptiness takes over me and I don't see the point. My teeth have progressively gotten worse over time and I've avoided a dentist because I am so embarrassed about my teeth. My teeth have even been the idea behind suicidal thoughts, because I am so embarrassed about them, because I have negative thoughts about ever getting them fixed. To be completely honest, I feel like I've lost my smile because my teeth embarrass me so much. When that woman asked me about using meth, I immediately told her I've never used meth, which is 100% true. I smoke cigarettes but NEVER have I touched meth. She then stated "well I don't know how your teeth got so eroded then" AS IF I WAS LYING. I might add, that my girlfriend was in the room with me, as of this embarrassing situation couldn't get any worse. When she left the room, I was almost hysterical and I wanted to leave, regardless of how much pain I was in. I felt like I was being judged for something I've never even done. A little later on, she asked me if I was still nauseated, I told her I don't think there's anything left in me for me to throw up, and she was like "That's not how nausea works" like I was an invalid. All in all, this was only my second ER visit in my life (I'm 28) and as long as this one is the one on my insurance, it will be my last. I was in extreme pain (15/10) and I was so polite to everyone I came in contact with and that woman was so cruel and unkind to me. Monica Gascon should not be a doctor if she can't treat her patients with a little bit of compassion and not accuse them of doing hard drugs and not treat them like they're stupid. I have never been so embarrassed by a doctor in my life. Also, I hate needles and the nurse that gave me my shot was SO gentle and fast and she was so sweet to me. 5/5 stars for the nurses. 0/5 stars for Monica Gascon.