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Consumer feedback about Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento

Rating: 1 /5

Anthony Vanover

My mother-in-law was reading a 186 systolic for her blood pressure and was really dizzy so I took her into the emergency at 4 AM. They had a thorough workup which included an X-ray and two different kinds of CT scans. At the end of it all (around noon), the doctor gave the option to be admitted to do additional testing or to go home under strict supervision and logging with instruction to come back immediately if there were any problems. These doctors and nurses were very good to us. My mom was prescribed her medications and then we went home because my mother hates being the hospital. Soon after she fainted on the floor, was barely conscious and breathing, and was cold to the touch. My wife asked where she was and she thought she was in her bedroom but she was actually lying in the kitchen. I called 911, the paramedics came, and we followed to the emergency. We saw the doctor once in the emergency clinic, they ordered a CT scan only to have it canceled because these tests were already done in the morning (which I had told the doctor previously but he refused to listen). Since the scan was canceled, we weren't sure what was being done. We asked many nurses but none of them could give us an answer. Was there going to be another test? Would my mother be admitted? Are we waiting on something? We had no idea and my mother sat there. She asked for water and she didn't get anything. Since we had been there for several hours without nothing done, we wanted to leave to take her to a different hospital. We asked the nurses if we could leave and we were told: "You're not prisoners here, you can leave whenever you want" and they even resorted to trying to shove my wife out the door. We got a hold of management, discussed potentially suing for malpractice, and explained the situation. Management had some kind of meeting thereafter and I took my wife home because she was so infuriated. I came back and was finally able to get my mom admitted. However, nobody could see her until the next morning. My mother-in-law was reluctant because nothing had been done except a blood test that I had to persuade out of a nurse (a test which I still don't know the results for). However, I was able to persuade my mother as well. I wanted to at least get additional tests done. The nurses in the emergency clinic were horrible and the doctor was negligent. During the admission process, we had her assigned a new nurse and a new doctor which were excellent. She had the additional tests done, including an MRI, echo, and stress test, and thankfully they were able to bring her heart rate down. She was prescribed additional medications and was finally released the evening of the next day. While there were some good doctors and nurses, the few bad apples ruined the experience for us and I will never take anyone to this hospital again.

Rating: 5 /5

Shelly Gray

I am so impressed with the level of care and service that my grandmother is receiving at this facility. My family is grateful to everyone from the surgeons, anesthesiologist, doctors, nurses and lift team. Everyone had been amazing, thoughtful, patient and responsive. Thank you all!

Rating: 5 /5

Kylie Jenkin

The staff and doctors at Sutter Medical saved my aunt's life last year after a serious heart complication. Our family is so grateful for their hard work, commitment and teamwork during her care, surgery and recovery of her open-heart surgery. Special thank you to the doctors and nurses involved in her her surgery and the painstakingly long CPR session which saved her life.

Rating: 5 /5

Scott Edwards

I had the best experience with Sutter. The staff was rogessional, friendly and very attentive. I spent 3 weeks here and everyone from the doctors, nurses and maintenance staff were GREAT!!

Rating: 1 /5

Maureen Miles

I came to this hospital for chest pain last night and I sat in the waiting room for an hour before I got fed up and left. Its obvious my health isnt important to these people and neither is anyone else's. I watched a guy come in bent over in pain and you guys had him sit and wait as well. What is the use of having an emergency department if our conditions arent going to be treated as emergencies? This is the most backwards hospital I've ever been to and every doctor and nurse needs to be fired and this whole hospital needs to be shut down, its a waste of time.I will never come here again or bring anyone to this hospital, its obvious they will let you die. I also suggest that anyone who needs emergency care go somewhere else this hospital is a joke. And when I find out why I'm having chest pain(tests are being ran by doctors who care), and if its something serious, I'm going to need to be compensated for you guys playing with my life! I would give -0 stars if I could.