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455 Plumas Blvd, Yuba City, CA 95991, USA
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Consumer feedback about Sutter Surgical Hospital – North Valley

Rating: 5 /5

Yvonne Fish

I have had several surgeries here in the past year, and the service was always exceptional. Melanie at front desk, Jennifer in medical records are both wonderful. All the nurses and staff were very pleasant, attentive and I received the best care. And of course my Dr.'s, Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Gallego are the best. I will never hesitate to refer this hospital. Thanks again for the best service :)

Rating: 4 /5

William Cameron

I and my Girlfriend both had SI Joint Fusion surgery here. Everything was 8/10. The facility is way better than any hospital I've been to. Better than DieOut. This place is only for surgeries that require a night or two recovery where pain control is needed. The private rooms are very nice and CLEAN. The food is very very good. Dinner each night is better than many restaurants. The quality of care simply depends on the Nurse you get and how clear your doctor's orders are. During our individual stays we did encounter one Nurse who was very very slow to get what you need. A bit of an attitude to go with the slowness. A family member found her "flirting" with one of the male staff. Not cool. The other nursesOverall its my 1st choice to have "minor" surgery that requires pain control for 1-2 days.

Rating: 5 /5

T Ives

This place is awesome. I never had a major surgery before, had a hysterectomy on June 23,12017. It has been 17years since I had my last kid so this was a big deal deal to me. Stayed 2 nights in room 212. I had the best care, staff and heck the food was good too. Everybody was patient and understanding to my needs. Nurses station were polite when answering my buzzer and coming as soon as they could. The food order takers were super nice and we had options on items. The housekeeper gal was so nice checking on things and asking if there was anything I needed. I really like to thank Todd, Joel and Lisa my main Nurses. They understood if anything was awkward for me they accommodated me with respect and weren't offended. They all took the time to listen to me even if I rambled because I was bored. ;) I didn't need much pain meds but they always checked to make sure. THANK YOU GUYS all so much. If you read this and know who was on duty that those days this is for you too. p.s. I just got a letter from them with all their signatures wishing me a great recovery.

Rating: 5 /5


Excellent, excellent care and service. Rated 10 in the nation and well deserved. I could not have asked for more. Food was good (excellent actually, and I am a picky eater) and care was prompt. Hate when you are stuck in a bed and have to wait a long time for your nurse to answer your page. Not so in this hospital! This hospital and all staff deserve tons of praise.

Rating: 1 /5

Terry Riney

There was an award for joint knee hip replacement, but I had to go some where else to get the latest hip replacement surgery procedure. It is not offered here, but they still got an award? Now I have heart issues and they can't be done at Sutter. I have to use Rideout instead. Sorry I am not impressed.