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Consumer feedback about Swedish Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Steven M Jones

I spent five days in the Cardiac Recovery wing in late January 2018. The level of skill and caring by all staff members was amazing. This is a first rate hospital in every respect. Given my choice I would never go anywhere else. Thank you doctors, nurses and techs not only for your excellent skills but for your caring of me as your patient.

Rating: 5 /5

Julie H

I had orthopedic surgery at their orthopedic surgery center. The nurses and patient care techs were excellent and caring. My anesthesiologist and her assistant were great. My nurses were so skilled and knowledgeable and I appreciate their care! Thank you all that work here for the important work that you do!!!

Rating: 1 /5

Colleen Stukus

My only experience at Swedish will be my last. As a healthcare professional myself I understand the difficulties at times of providing quality patient care. All departments are unique and I am sure they have qualified and caring people on staff unfortunately my experience left me feeling like a number and not a person. They operate from a business model and not a care model. No need to bring issues to the attention of patient advocacy, while they do seem to be caring people, they do not have much impact on mitigating issues. They will listen and then send you a letter which again misrepresents what is being reported.

Rating: 1 /5

Annie Westover

Went to their ER for sudden, intense back pains and numbness in the legs and groin (red flags in my book)... the doctor who saw me said it was just sciatica then nonchalantly gave me a prescription for muscle relaxers and lidocaine patches then sent me on my way. The next day I went to a different hospital with the same concerns and they immediately began an exam (which I didn’t get here at Swedish) and discovered quickly that I had a disc in my spine with so much calcification it was practically severing the nerves running in my back, causing my symptoms. What a misdiagnosis! I understand the ER isn’t the best place to work for some doctors, I really do. But how can a doctor be so lazy as to not even exam the problem areas in question? How did he feel comfortable sending me home knowing he put in little to no effort in a proper evaluation? Just simply throwing a diagnosis at someone may be the easy thing to do but that’s not what hurting people are coming to you for. Extremely disappointed in the lazy care that was given to me here and equally as grateful that I found excellent care somewhere else. Don’t waste your precious time here.

Rating: 5 /5

Anna Osentoski

I was a Swedish baby! I wanted my daughter to be born at Swedish as well. She was! The labor and delivery team was great, especially the assistant director of the floor! We formed a special bond! However, I am disappointed that they got rid of the family unit. I would say staying in the same room was nice and the transition to family care nurses was smooth, however, after you give birth, whether c-section or vaginally, you should be given a comfortable bed! They put a “mattress pad” over the take a part labor and delivery bed. Not very comfortable after a c-section. If they could figure out a solution to the beds, I’m sure a lot more new mothers would be happy!