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1300 Miccosukee Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32308, United States
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Consumer feedback about Tallahassee Memorial Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Alex Nicole

They almost killed my boyfriend. He was transported via ambulance with severe seizures. When he came to we were at the hospital. The nurse offered him seizure medication and he said, "Ma'am I'm allergic to that medication. I'm on (other seizure medication)." He told her all the way down to the milligram of what he takes. She was very smug and said, "Well we can't do anything then". About 20 minutes later he had the big seizure. We were frantically pushing the nurse button but to no avail. He swallowed his tongue and started turning blue. My family and I were screaming for a doctor. It took a police officer running down the hall for anyone to help. When the doctor came in he was a huge a hole. "Well he refused medication". He did not refuse medication. He needed another brand. Oh and that medicine (which he requested) that they supposedly didn't have? It was administered to him to stop the seizure. Funny how that works.

Rating: 1 /5

John VanLandingham

Awful experience trying to find parking. As spacious as Tallahassee is, there should never be parking issues. Must have a ticket to enter parking garage. Then must drive in circles for an hour to find no parking. Then upon exiting, a person is there to get the parking fee. Not sure how service is inside hospital as I have yet to gain access. Makes me think I'm in metro Atlanta going to Grady. Insane.

Rating: 1 /5

Denise Allen

This hospital is not clean! I have spent several weeks in this place over the last year. Housekeeping is seriously and dangerously missing. Second issue: many of the nurses are recent hires from other countries. They do not understand simple words that can affect your care. I speak from personal experience. Third: get ready to share a tiny room that is dirty upon check in. I literally watched a guy clean the room in under 3 minutes before they wheeled in another patient. No sanitizing of anything. Avoid this hospital.

Rating: 1 /5

Princess B

THE WORST Hospital experience I’ve ever had hands down. I’m currently 39 weeks pregnant I went in because I believe my water was leaking. I go In the staff at the front desk didn’t take my problem seriously literally the lady was laughing and smiling when I told her my problem. I do my paper work go in the back... Very crowded with other pregnant women I’m talking overwhelming amounts. While I’m in the back I tell them I believed my water was leaking and I’m having some bad contractions. They tell me to go back in waiting area and they will call me back. A hour goes by nothing. Another hour goes by nothing. Then another hour goes by talking to my mom on phone still nothing. Another hour. A total of 3 hours and 30 mins I finally had enough and got up left getting no care they disregarded me and my unborn child. I understand that labor and delivery gets crowded but this is ridiculous how I was treated as unimportant. This bieng my first pregnancy I have many questions and concerns. I wasn’t the only lady who left I seen a couple walk out also another complain while walking out. This was my hospital to deliver at and refuse changing hospitals.

Rating: 1 /5

Susan Blastic

My first year college student niece sat in your ER for 8 hours last night in pain, respiratory distress, with a pounding headache, and vertigo. She was met by an exceptionally rude and ill-informed triage person who kept telling my sister that my niece had been seen by a physician. When in fact, she was in an exam room and had not been seen by any medical professional until "shift change" when a nurse offered her Motrin for her pain. If we had read your previous reviews, we would have seen that this is how you usually treat first year college students who are sick, as stated three months ago by another reviewer. It appears that there has been no improvement to your ER's customer service and your ER's consistently poor treatment of the local college students.