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Consumer feedback about Tampa Community Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Madison Sheriff

Brought my friend here to be treated and it was absolutely horrible. Only curtains separate you and the others so you hear their moaning and screaming and crying and it's super unnerving. The staff took forever to get to us and was short and not listening to her problems. After sitting for an hour I asked a nurse for an update and she's like "were really swamped right now were getting to you she was incredibly rude and honestly not many of the beds were filled and they saw the others many many times before even talking to us or getting blood. She was really dehydrated and they still haven't given her a IV in three hours. This is a ridiculous excuse for a hospital do not attend this place.

Rating: 3 /5

Melissa Crapsey

My husband went to the E.R and was admitted to the hospital. The staff and nurses and E.R doctor were nice and helpful. The attending doctor at the hospital, not so much! He completely screwed with my husband's medications. The whole time he was there he was zombie like and having withdrawal. My husband's PCP and surgeon gave the list of meds, but the attending doctor did not agree, so he changed them, leaving him in withdrawals. My husband has been on this medication for 10 years and without ever even meeting him Dr. ABRAHAM felt it was appropriate to change/eliminate meds. They also kept trying to give him insulin, even though he has never in his life needed/taken it. My husband was discharged after four days, still not knowing what was wrong with him and still nevwr meeting or talking to the doctor. The surgeon that admitted him (DR. RONZO from Biospine) never came to check in him while hospitalized. Finally after day 4 Dr. RONZO have orders to discharge and have home drive 30 miles to follow up in two days because Dr. RINZO could not take the time to drive 6 miles and check on him. I realize that is not the hospital's fault, but still extremely negligent. Long story short, he went to the hospital with complications and spent 4 days in withdrawal and feeling worse, and left still not knowing the cause or reason for complications. The three stars are only because the majority of the nurses and staff were very friendly. If you are looking for less than mediocre care, this is the place to go!

Rating: 1 /5

carrissa stevenson

A family member is being held there currently. She is frightened, being denied water and needed medications and access to her mental health doctors. I have called twice and sent to voicemail. I have left two messages stating the urgency of this matter with no response. When she is allowed access to the phone, you can hear non-stop screaming in the background.

Rating: 1 /5


I've had a countless number of bad experiences over the years (this is the closest ER to my location unfortunately or I'd 'switch' entirely- I only go here if I don't have the time for another) but this is the first review I've made. I went in on May 19th for constant vomiting. 4 times before 11am. The *only* thing they did was give me nausea meds and one bag of IV fluids which they are billing me for...despite my insurance. What??? Their phone service is terrible. The woman in the billing department dropped my call. I had to go to another ER that same day because of my stools. Diarrhea had to be stopped. They were aware it was a problem. They wasted hours of the day while I lied in a separate room alone while having a seizure. Unbelievable. And worse yet? They told me it was a "stomach bug". A diagnoses based on nothing. Specialists have since ruled out the simple, contagious things. Don't trust anyone here, don't follow up with or see a doctor that goes here, and be very careful. Bring someone with you if you can. This place is a death trap.

Rating: 1 /5

Ivelisse Perez

The doctors are rude, they don't know anything and service is horrible. They have no clue what they are doing. Only go here for stitches and be careful with even that.