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705 Dixie St, Carrollton, GA 30117, USA
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Consumer feedback about Tanner Medical Center – Carrollton

Rating: 5 /5

Michael Horne

I'm a quadriplegic that had to go in for stomach issues. The staff was very helpful and friendly. Tom came by to talk to me every day, which was awesome. The food was very good for hospital food. I saw a doctor every day to keep me updated. What more can I say? I wish they would have had accessible things such as a way for me to call for help. Overall great stay. Thanks Robin for going the extra mile!

Rating: 1 /5

Andrea Burns

I came in with my Dad, he had cut his thumb down to the bone with a saw! He is on blood thinners and we have waited for over 3 hours to be seen...ER nurse said"well it isn't dripping so you seem to be fine!!!!! OUTRAGEOUS!!!!! I do not recommend this place, I wouldn't bring my animals here!!!!!!! I wouldn't even give them the one star.....

Rating: 1 /5

Alexa Demas

On Friday I made my friends drive me to this hospital for alcohol poisoning. I was dripping sweat, vomiting bile profusely and nonstop in their waiting room, convulsing, weak, in immense distress to the point where everyone else waiting felt uncomfortable to be around me. I had been so depleted of fluids and needed them ASAP. I have never needed medical attention for drinking alcohol before but the state I was in demanded immediate help. They left me waiting for two hours before being seen, then left me in the room another hour before a doctor saw me... then another 45 mins laying in the stretcher with absolutely no treatment. It wasn’t until my friends came to pick me up and advocated for me that the staff actually started to hook me up to an IV which they seriously struggled with because of how dehydrated I was. I work at an animal hospital and this would NEVER happen to a patient coming in our doors. They would have immediate medical intervention so it is very sad to see that humans are treated with less compassion. It is my understanding that they do not have a clear grip on how dangerous alcohol poisoning is and how IT CAN KILL PEOPLE. The staff could care less about the patients wellbeing as they basically were laughing at my pain asking me if I ever had a hangover before? Yes I indeed I have but I do admit this was my first time with ALCOHOL POISONING and the lack of help I received for it was actually frightening. Never had a worse hospital experience in my life. They get zero stars.. except I needed to click one to write this review. This place should be investigated for negligence.

Rating: 5 /5

Gale Jett

I was brought to this hospital by ambulance when I was having heart attack. The cardiac team was waiting when I arrived in the ER and took me immediately to the cath lab where excellent care was given by the doctor and entire team. I then spent two days in intensive care where I received care and compassion from the nurses as well as techs. The food was great and housekeeping kept the room very nice. Thank you!

Rating: 1 /5

Tori Brown

This hospital WILL NOT WORK WITH YOU!!!!!! I received my bill today after having my baby. I called them immediately . My insurance paid $13,000. I was left with 2,300. They said it must be paid in full in one year. I begged them, cried and pleaded for them to take $100 a month. That's all I can do right now as I have to pay anesthesia $120 a month plus all my normal bills. Even told them I'd start paying the other $120 once I have anesthesia paid off in 5 months. They refused and said they will send me to a debt collector. They have NO MERCY FOR HARD WORKING PEOPLE TRYING THEIR BEST TO PAY THEM BACK. I will never be back at this hospital. Furthermore, when I had my first child at the wonderful Coosa Valley Medical Center, they sent me home with tons of supplies and some pain medicine that I would need. This hospital sent me home with one small pack of pads. That's it. They also gave anesthesia the wrong address so that bill was almost sent to a debt collector because I never got it. Outraged and disappointed does not even begin to describe how I feel about this snooty facility.