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200 Hemlock Rd, Tawas City, MI 48764, USA
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Consumer feedback about Tawas St Joseph Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Mary Sloan

I came here by ambulance, vomiting and passing out. They gave me a bag of fluids and discharged me. No tests were done. I wasn't feeling any better. I was still vomiting and passing out. Because I had been taken by ambulance, I had to call a taxi. The nurses were eager for my son and I to leave (yes, my four-year-old son had to come with me). Don't go to this hospital unless you have a death wish.

Rating: 5 /5

Deborah Campbell

We were visiting from down state and needed to come here for an injury that required stitches. There aren't any urgent care type clinics up here and when we arrived at the hospital the waiting room was packed with walk-ins and more patients were arriving by ambulance. Based on our ER experiences in metro Detroit hospitals we thought we would probably be waiting for service all night--Happily this was not the case and we were impressed with how quickly patients were treated and our short wait time. We were even more impressed with the cleanliness of the procedure room and the professional, friendly care we received. 3 cheers and many Thanks to Dr. Bob and the Nurses and Staff at St. Joseph's!

Rating: 5 /5

Brande Ellsworth

Dr. Deluca and the group who dealt with me were great! I haven’t seen the bill yet; but at least the staff seemed to care.

Rating: 5 /5


Everyone complains about this small town hospital and it drives me nuts.People want a small town life but like true americans we whine for the"BIG"town amenities.I have seen people complain about their paper work or having a fever when they should be at the Dr anyway,only to have their life saved a year later and refuse to show thanks.This staff works very hard for all of us and it is horrible the way some are treated. The expectations of some (whom usually contribute the least) is unrealistic at best.Positive constructive criticism is all that is warranted ever.Gossip,sewing circles and mean spirited talk will only hurt feelings and performance in ANY situation.See the good in people and thank the staff for their hard work and the extra mile I know they ALWAYS go even though its not in their "job "description" as many complainers would say at THEIR place of employment. God hates gossip for a reason

Rating: 1 /5

Samantha Mackenzie

I have lived up here my whole life and my son sees one of the dr I love his dr that is the only reason I still have anything to do with St Joseph they can't even get there referrals right I tried to take my son to a specialist in tawas and it made me realize that I will always make the trip to the city worse experience ever they don't care about u or children at all they only care about money