Temple VA Central Texas Healthcare System

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142 reviews
MedicalRecords.com Rating 2.7
142 reviews

About Temple VA Central Texas Healthcare

Temple VA Medical Center is part of The Central Texas Veterans Health Care System, one of the largest healthcare providers in Texas.
The Temple Campus is a full-service, 189-bed facility accredited by The Joint Commission providing a wide range of services including surgical, psychiatric, and rehabilitation with inpatient medical & surgical hospital beds, and emergency unit.

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Hospital Type
  • veterans Administration Acute Care
MedicalRecords.com Rating 2.7
(142 reviews)

Walter Woodliff

Went for major hernia pain and received consultation quickly along with next day appointment to assess for surgery scheduling. Thankful for them. Plus pain meds to deal with the issue. A needed relief. Affected job, and may have to get another. A horrible way to lose a job. But life has issues that must be dealt with. Que Serra. C’est La Vie.

Leah Franklin

Pharmacy-complaints from veterans and I over extended time: 1.ask to pick up same day, it's mailed instead 2.call in rx, rep says 7-10 days to you. No, it ship 4 days before pills are due to run out. When it was called in a week ago 3.meds returned in mail back to va Representatives don't read notes that it's returned and you don't have your medicine so no you're not trying to get a duplicate medicine These are some areas that need addressing, as for long waits "it is, what it is!"

David Clay

I have received my health care at this facility for several years. I'm a pretty complicated patient with multiple serious health issues. I have always received outstanding quality care here. My primary doctor really looks out for my well being. The Cardiology staff literally saved my life. I'm a retired nurse, by the way.

Big Dawg

Great health care, if you are patient and willing to wait. I received excellent care at the Temple VA hospital and clinics.

matt creech

I will elect to go to private out of pocket doctors then except this sub par care which sadly myself and other veterans sacrificed so much to earn. The process along with the lack of service truly can push any veteran to the brink. 99 percent of the individuals dealt with today seemed lazy, disinterested in their jobs, and getting any assistance or basic help from competent people is nearly impossible. Scheduling is a big issue here as the staff attempted to setup multiple appointments over numerous days when after I pressed them I was able to do everything same day. Overall a horrible process that was not worth the time or care.