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Consumer feedback about The Carle Foundation Hospital

Carle Foundation Hospital
Reviewed from Google

2.7 out of 5 stars

Dan Storey
Dan Storey

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

As a cancer treatment center it was a terrible experience. A lot of things were said that turned out to not be true. Dr Barnett in radiation was never on time and preoccupied when he had time for your visit. The billing department is at best terrible on a good day and they do not use your insurance in your best interest. They will bill out of network when they can so proceed with caution.

Mary Lamare
Mary Lamare

2 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

How can a 413 Bed Regional Hospital say that it might not be open 24 hours today because "Black Friday might afffect it's operating hours"
And it is very difficult to make appointments in the Carle system. They pretend like it is easy, but the online scheduling system does not work (at least for me). I have had to phone the secretary pool every single time and I usually get transferred. Bad system.

Sophie Meyn
Sophie Meyn

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

I have had one great experience here surrounded by just heaps and heaps of awful. I have been going through treatment for cancer and seizures for 3 years so I know this hospital pretty well. I have gotten 3 messed up bills. One claiming I owed them more money than I have, I recieved it on a Friday and I had to sit on it til Monday. I called and asked if it was possible to double check the bills or not send them out on Fridays because stress is awful for people and they are in the business of healthcare. They said no. No solutions. Mistakes are keep being made and they won’t do anything about it because a computer is in charge. Really lame and not compassionate answer. I really tried to come up with a solution with them and they were clearly just listening to appease me.
My Neuro told me I was getting an EEG to test my base line brain waves and when I went in, it was in a BEDROOM alone with a strange man. And I was later told they were trying to induce a seizure actually.
I go unconscious when I have seizures. They didn’t tell me I would be headed into a bedroom alone with a strange man who would try and provoke a seizure? They didn’t think that was necessary information?
I get the sense they feel they can just do whatever because we have no other options and it’s true. But that’s the wrong way to be and I am just horrified.
Ask questions, bring a friend, record every conversation. Stay safe.
Also, stomach problems for 20 years. They did not help. They do not recognize leaky gut. They want to just prescribe prescribe prescribe, but not write a recommendation for medical cannabis. Which has saved my life. I live and thrive with brain injury, connective tissue disorder, GI issues, PTSD, cancer and seizures because of my cannabis. And they made me feel so awful about even asking about it a few years back. I hope their attitude changes because I had to spend a lot out of pocket and drive hours out of town to get a doctor to sign off and I had Brain Cancer. Talk about a lack of compassion.

Oh, and one time I went to the ER with a friend and the whole ER waiting room was really aware and kept letting the staff know, that there was a man bleeding in the waiting room. They had bagged up the injury, but the bag was filling with blood. He seemed very sleepy. We were there for 15 minutes and the staff had been told 2 times before the man, who was nodding off, began to have a seizure. He had a bag full of blood wrapped around his ankle. Why was he not being tended to? When he started to seize they went in to action. But, not until then?

Doctors and hospitals have liability insurance. They make boatloads of money practicing incompetence. Where is there insentive to help us?

The Pixel Factory
The Pixel Factory

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

I have nothing but good things to say about this facility. We ended up at Carle which is an hour and a half away from home, because they were able to expedite care for us when our local healthcare system was unable to. They definitely did expedite treatment for us to say the least, and we were very satisfied with the care we received. Everyone we encountered was wonderful. That is everyone from front desk office personnel to physicians to technicians to medical records release and billing staff. This was the cleanest hospital I have ever been in. I dreaded calling about a billing issue because it is usually a hassle elsewhere but I was able to easily reach the billing dept. at Carle and my issue was solved very quickly. I have told so many people about the wonderful care we received there and will continue to do so. Other hospitals could learn a lot from Carle. Will always be thankful for the care we received there!

Calebjessica Escue
Calebjessica Escue

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

If I could rate the hospital at zero I probably would. My son had seizures due to fevers. When all was said and done I still didn't know what was causing his reoccurring fevers. So after I got out of Illinois and drove to Ohio I had to stop at a local urgent Care to find that answer and get antibiotics. You would think that you could get that answer after talking to doctors and nurses in the ER.
Also when my wife called to make a payment she had to hand me the phone to have a lady tell me I had to authorize my wife to be able to make payments. My wife is the one we set up reoccuring payments. So the hospital let her set up payments but then wouldn't let her make a payment what the heck.
Also the billing department is a nightmare. You set up recurring payments and it doesn't go through and the ladies in billing have monotone voices and are not empathetic.

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