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1330 U.S. 231, Troy, AL 36081, USA
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Consumer feedback about Troy Regional Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

MeLissa Greeson

I'm sry I ever let my boyfriend stay here !!! He came in puking blood through the ER was admitted before he was even checked out by doctor !! IT WAS 28 F-ING hours before he was even seen then before the Dr came a freaking surgeon came 1st w/o any kind of diagnoses ....Now its been 3 days no food and no procedures !! Now that's the doctors !! On the other hand the nurses have done a SUPERB JOB !- I FEEL BAD FOR THEM !!! I DO KNOW NOW WHY ITS CALLED THE EDGE OF DEATH !

Rating: 1 /5

Tristan Curry

Thay are really sorry and don't really know anything I been living in troy for 10 years I never go to troy

Rating: 1 /5

Carmen Mcclure

You can be feeling your worse and think everyone is on drugs the only reason I go to the hospital in my home town is for help and they ateean from the front office to the et doctor note to doctor everyone is not on drugs dir just need help

Rating: 1 /5

Pam Crawley

Went through the ER with a spider bite. My leg was infected and very painful. When the Doctor finally came in he walked up to me and said oh you have an abscess. I explained to him that it wasn't a simple abscess and he completely ignored me and walked out. He sent the nurse in with two bactrims and an ultram. I explained that my surgeon told me not to take ultram because of my ulcers and the fact that I was already scheduled for sleeve surgery. They refused to give me anything else. She handed me two prescription, bactrim and ultram and sent me home. I took the ultram because the pain was unbearable. Within two days my leg had swollen to twice its normal size and I began puking up blood. My surgery had to be postponed and my leg is still swollen and painful. This is a horrible hospital that will be very lucky if I don't sue them for all the pain they have caused me.

Rating: 1 /5


Went in with abdominal pain, got a CT and they told me I had cysts in my ovaries. Went to a specialist, paid money for them to laugh at me they looked at the CT scans. Turns out I had no cysts at all, and they misread the scans. How do you manage that? Awful Awful facility.