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Consumer feedback about Tulare Regional Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Youa Vang

Terrible billing department tried to extort money from me. They didn't bill me until a year later. Since they didn't do their job accordingly, they knew that my health insurance would not reimburse them because they failed to bill my insurance. Knowing that they won't get reimburse, they then tried to put me on the hook for paying the entire balance. This department specifically didn't do their job right and now they are shifting the blame on me. Poor costumer service lead by Sandra (the manager). She was so rude and continuously talked over me. She didn't want to answer my questions and eventually hung up. All other personnel shine away from picking up my calls. Absolutely poor costumer service and professionalism. I wouldn't recommend care from this facility.

Rating: 5 /5

Kerri Bell

I have gone here three times for ultrasounds and I cannot say enough about the great staff. I was checked in efficiently at the front desk with the new touchscreen system and the ultrasound tech was extremely professional, friendly, and thorough. I was able to tour the OB unit with my husband after our last ultrasound and introduced to a lot of different staff including the director of pediatrics who is very impressive. Put my mind at ease because everyone was so approachable and friendly. Staff in the lab has also been excellent the 3 different times I have visited and are very accommodating. I have been very satisfied with my care here and look forward to delivering my baby at TRMC.

Rating: 1 /5

Brian Avila

I am at the er for my six year old daughter with pain in her belly button, fever, loss of appetite, fatigue, and nausea. Three hours later still sitting in waiting room and nothing. Seems like their calling one person every 2 hours. This rate we will be here until 6am. Very slow. Dirty waiting room. They did draw blood to rule out appendicitis. When i asked if they could check it, nothing. Lets hope that is not that case. Will never return to this hospital again.

Rating: 5 /5

mercedes tapia

The only thing I can really write a review about is Labor and Delivery floor. I had my son there in 2014 and my daughter there in 2016 and the nurses were beyond amazing! they really made me feel comfortable for both my c-sections. My doctor is amazing(Dr.Gupta). I hope someone from the Maternity floor reads this comment so they know they ROCK!! Keep being awesome ladies!!!

Rating: 1 /5

Mongzong Xiong

I was born premature at 7 months in 1986. I finally asked my mom today why my younger brother was born in Fresno, but we lived in Tulare. My parents came to the US as refugees from the war. English was a second language and it was a struggle to survive and be accepted by society here. The story of my birth: My mom went in to the hospital in Tulare because she was going into early labor. The doctor Came by, took a look, and gave the nurse a small phamplet/booklet. The nurse handed it to my mom and said to sign it. She asked what it was and the nurse just said to sign it. She refused and the nurse finally said that it was a waiver for a c-section. My parents talked about it and decided they were not going to go through with surgery. The doctor did not explain why it was needed. My parents understood that I was coming early, but had no clue why I surgery was needed. The doctor became agitated and barged in saying that if they don't sign the form for a c-section, the baby will die. They had heard that this doctor who handled many Hmong births conducted c-sections often. However, they did not feel comfortable with it and refused again. He left and hollered at the nurse to drag my mom into the delivery room. By that time, the nurse informed the doctor that I was about to come out and eventually I was born. I had some complications and was sent to valley children's up in fresno/madera. After I was sent off, my mom was loaded with IV for days non-stop. She swelled up and all the doctor said was that she needed to stay for another week. She became worried and feared she be put on IV for the rest of that week if she stayed. She got out of bed and stayed in the reception room all day until they decided to make her sign a form that if she left, they were not liable. She left and I was sent home the same time. And that is why my mom decided to have my brother in fresno the next year.