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Consumer feedback about Twin Cities Community Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Ian Trejo

For years I have heard how terrible the ER at Twin Cities is, but in the two or three experiences I have had there for myself and kids, they have been excellent. I was there on a night when it was packed with flu patients. The staff was kind, calm, and organized. My nurse, Christy, was compassionate and competent and Dr. Buys was excellent. Hopefully, I'll never need the ER again but if I do, I have no issue return to Twin Cities.

Rating: 1 /5

Ana Carbajal

My mother was taken to this hospital after a head on collision and she was in horribe chest pain. The nurses there gave her over the counter medication-ibuprofen. Since the x-rays did not show any broken bones they removed her IV and off you go to the waiting room. This hospital showed no compassion for my mother's pain. So, I guess if there aren't any broken bones, she must be fine. This hospital is the worst.

Rating: 4 /5

Chrissy Anon

I really like this hos. The ER docs and nurses are always great. (While people are bagging on Larry I have seen him about 4 times in our dealings and he was always fun and helpful and polite. My oldest daughter loved him every time.) Birthing experience was wonderful and the best maternity nurses. Billing department needs help, though

Rating: 1 /5

Jack Borges

What a shame this hospital has gone straight down hill over the years. My daughter was admitted through the ER due to her relapsing of a kidney disease she was diagnosed with at 3 years old, stayed untreated for 5 days and they never once brought in an on call nephrologist. Just consulted with one on the phone. I didn't know ER's have have resorted to tel-a-docs. The doctor treating her, Dr. Jose J Yongco, would not listen to her as to what medication she needed to be treated with (a steroid) stating "steroids are not good for you". What an idiot! She's only been dealing with this for over 25 years! Then you have a Doctor discharging her that never saw her, untreated and in pain. At one time I worked within this hospital and was an advocate for it. No longer! How dare you treat your patients this way. If your "on call" doctors are to lazy to come in, fire them!

Rating: 1 /5

Luis Echevarria

I had WORST experience ever, especially in the ER with the personnel in the front desk, my mom had a terrible migraine and it took them more 2 hours the give her any attention. I decided to leave and head over to next nearest hospital, and told the front desk personnel, I was leaving and they did not seem to care at all and said "Go ahead." I hope no one has to go through this again!