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505 Parnassus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94143, USA
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Consumer feedback about Ucsf Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Michael Seng

10 years ago I still have concerns about the doctors and the staff integrity. My wife was in the ICU for several weeks and nearly pass away due to unknown cause of blood lost during a simple surgical procedures. I had strong faith towards Dr. Pogrel due to his credibility. But I questions some of his integrity why a simple surgical procedures went to further complications after the surgery. I was fortunate, the San Antonio Military Medical Center Dr. Tsegga and his staff made my wife more at eased and all her surgeries was a success.

Rating: 1 /5

I Love You I Love You

I was transported to this ER since it's the closest to my house and I received the WORSE care by the nurses and doctors! I've been here before and things have gone smoothly, but the night of January 14-15, 2018, was the absolutely TERRIBLE! NONE of the nurses and doctors were attentive to me and other patients. They didn't even give me a proper diagnosis that I later hate to treat on my own because they were absolutely USELESS! The worse part on top, they have metal detectors in the ER and other parts of the hospital where as other hospitals in SF, don't! It didn't help that when I was being transported in, the EMT's said to another that there were new staff that night of doctors and nurses. I saw SOOO many doctors and nurses either sitting around doing NOTHING or chit chatting personal stuff around patients. It was VERY unprofessional! They treated the ER as it was like Grey's Anatomy or some other medical TV show, not how a hospital should be operated! Here are some photos of the 5 needle stabs they gave me that night! I look worse than a heroine addict with these marks! After labs, an early EKG, and a CT, they just said my white blood cells were a "little" high but saw no worries. Also, they didn't even treat my chest pains that I developed while in there. What was my diagnosis from them? Nothing. ...That's what happens when they allow dumb-asses to deal with life and death situations!

Rating: 5 /5


Husband and I were there for a MEG scan in August. The staff was very helpful in helping us find where we were going and very friendly. The radiology waiting area was comfortable with plenty of plug-ins for devices. (I was waiting for four hours so that was important.)

Rating: 5 /5

Dr. Steve Moore

They're the best! Thank you for all your close relationships

Rating: 5 /5

Devin Lininger

Saving Lives.Taking Names.And Prescriptions..keep up the good work!