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1515 SW Archer Rd, Gainesville, FL 32608, USA
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Consumer feedback about Uf Health Shands Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Haley Swank

Absolute worst care facility I've ever been too! My boyfriend checked in and was immediately taken back for X-Rays. I was so thankful and relieved to think that it would be a quick trip with quick answers. WOW was I wrong! The staff is inconsiderate and rude! Not to mention, the patients were more compassionate to each other than any of the staff! Everyone was helping each other, whether it was holding a head up, grabbing a blanket, or comforting someone in excruciating pain! We watched a young woman slip unconscious and become unresponsive, and when the check in desk was alerted, the woman rolled her eye as if it inconvenienced her!! We also watched a young man who had a huge gash in his forehead and blood running down his nose, vomit all over the floor. Once again, an inconvenience to the front desk. The guy ended up falling asleep, and when a concerned friend told the ladies at the front desk, she replied "I would too". What kind of health care facility treats patients this way?? As a student at UF, who has only dreamed about being in the Health Care field, I am so disappointed. After hours of waiting, we left. The woman sitting next to us had been there since 11 am (it was almost midnight). And before we made the decision to leave, 4 other patients walked out as well. This place definitely needs to reevaluate their staff! One girl was even talking on the phone about getting her nails done, ignoring concerned patients? Completely unprofessional. I will never ever be back. I would rather make the drive to see someone else and receive decent service, than ever watch a receptionist laugh at patients in the waiting room like they did here.

Rating: 3 /5

Chad Zetrouer

The ER is cruel and horrible but so is North Florida's so there's not much competition. The ICU is also a horrible environment where people go crazy with ICU delirium from the noise and 24 hour bright lights. The hospital rooms of the North tower are also terrible. How do they expect two people to be in the same room? People drive each other mad and TV volumes compete. Now the good news... The nurses in the ICU are great and on the floor they are better than north Florida. Doctors are very good but tend to treat the chart not the patient. The New South tower is awesome with private rooms and good nurses. Hopefully they take the North towers down and copy the south.

Rating: 1 /5

Amber Jazzie

This place is HORRIBLE! I thought it was great but it isn’t!. Don’t come here! We waited for almost 7 hours!. We needed major medical help and they didn’t do a damn thing!. We just waited and waited. DO NOT COME HERE. Some staff was rude as well. I DO NOT RECOMMONED COMING HERE.

Rating: 5 /5

Thomas Coughlin

operated on 1/25/18. staff from admittance through nursing and discharge was excellent. Professional, competent and friendly.

Rating: 1 /5

Xavier Freeney

I'm At Shandz Hospital Now N They Are Givin Bad Services. Theres A Lady Who Is In Pain N All N She Done Told The Nursez To Get Her Doctor 3 Hourz Ago N All They Doin Is Sittin Outside The Room Doorz N Laughin N Tlkin. From Now On If This Lady Complain Again N If They Dont Cum Quick, I'm Recordin Everythang