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Consumer feedback about University Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Claire Smith

My 88 year old mother broke her hip on Friday and went to this hospital. Her surgery was Sunday and they are already sending her to the nursing home TODAY. She is not ready to leave but they could care less. They also scratched her eye during surgery and refused to take blame for it. The nurse assigned to her admitted she was still in school and didn't know much. My friend ended up helping my mom more than any staff. Both the nurse and another staff bumped my mom's foot (same side as broken hip) right after her surgery causing her intense pain. You would think they would be more careful and aware of this. Horrible, horrible place....

Rating: 1 /5


My younger brother went to the ER twice in three days complaining of severe leg pain, fever, and headache. The first time, they ran a few tests, gave him antibiotics and sent him home. The second time he went, a little more than a day later, he was much worse and all they did was switch the antibiotics and send him home. Less than twelve hours later, he became so sick that he had a car accident. I went to check on him and he was in horrible shape. I called 911, they took him to Augusta University (MCG) where he was promptly diagnosed with meningitis and is now finally receiving the care he needs. University used to be the best around but now you go to the ER, wait for hours to be seen, and receive little to no time from an actual doctor and the nurses are spread way too thin to provide proper care.

Rating: 1 /5

Jasmine Bishop

I do not recommend this hospital. Upon entering the facility, it's very clean and appears to be somewhere you might want to be treated but its all a facade! The wait time here is ridiculous! I've currently been waiting 6+ hours just to be seen by a physician! The Nurses seem to be kind but patient care definitely isn't the primary goal here.

Rating: 5 /5

Emma Akers

I had my son there in 2016, the womans wards where nice and clean the staff looked after us really well and helped me breastfeed , the food was one of the best i have eaten in a hospital, doctors nurses all cheerful and really profesional. Bathroom etc and rooms cleaned every day, bedroom really big. I had a c section so was happy with the operating room as well and doctors in there. I got lovely photos thanks to them. I will go to have my second baby as well.

Rating: 1 /5

Lionel Santos

Worst experience with this billing office. Had a physical which should be covered by insurance as preventative care. Nope! Not filed correctly. I'm told, "don't worry, we'll re-file it". After a while I find out it's in collections. WTH!? Now it's a $41administration fee. What?! If I knew it was going to be so difficult to get a physical, I would have just gone to an urgent care facility and paid for it. It probably would have been cheaper! So I call and try to settle the bill over the phone. BIG MISTAKE!! I was on hold for 12 minutes before the operator even picks up. Then I was passed around three times before I was connected with the person that can "help" me. I explain yet again what happened and she's finally willing to take my payment. I give her my card number and ask for a receipt. She says "we can email or mail it to you". I say "email it". Then she's like okay and is concluding the phone call. And I'm like wait a minute... I want my receipt and I'll stay on the phone until it's in my inbox. Then she's like OH NO!!! You won't get it today. What?! It's a $41 bill. I gave you my card number but you can't email me a receipt after you take my money?! Absolutely ridiculous!!