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7201 N University Dr, Tamarac, FL 33321, USA
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Consumer feedback about University Hospital and Medical Center

Rating: 3 /5


This hospital has great staff, clean and ok security. After receiving your visitors pass I’d suggest the security officers to give directions to each visitors and not be a wise ass when questioned in regards to navigating to desired rooms or floors. People are there to visitor friends and family so be considerate. Night time is not a good time to visit patients here, as you’d have to use the emergency entrance (good luck finding your way “again” no direction by security). Overall I like this place and am not known to like hospitals period...

Rating: 2 /5

Janice Wright

I was in ICU a month ago and the nurses were great until I was placed in ICU overflow. The nurse in ICU overflow was sleeping, nodding while taking to me and my guest and questioned me about which floor I came from. I told her she needed to go home and also reported it to the head nurse immediately . Nothing was done until I had to demand to be off the floor. I even asked if the nurse had received report on me before I became her patient, because she was unaware about who I was. I called back and report the incident after I was released to the ICU manager and not pleased with the results. I even have a picture of this nurse sleeping. Be careful with this hospital.

Rating: 1 /5

Desi S

on Friday 11/03/17 approx time 3:00 pm ER Department. we took our 12 year old daughter here. Per her middle school due to depression. She was seen by 1 nurse and that was it . When we asked question we were ignored. after a few hours of looking at the walls, we left. No one notice that we left until the following day. DO NOT TAKE ANYONE HERE!!!!! We did leave a message with Sadie to call us. Please take your loved one else where. Just completely unorganized, lack of sympathy,

Rating: 1 /5

Manii GodsChild

This place is very sketchy. There is a metal detector at the door. You have to empty your pockets and everything like airport security. The staff is very rude and does not care about what they are doing at all. The first nurse that checks vitals is right in front of the entrance. There is no sense of privacy, for it is an open glass cubicle area. She wrote the information on a sheet of printer paper separating each persons data by a line. She dis not check weight nor height herself, instead she just asked. Being so lazy and in such a rush to get done she almost pulled out my moms hair with the thermometer. The place is filthy. We left before we even registered. Do NOT go here.

Rating: 3 /5


I wouldn't say it's comfortable, nice and quiet since it's in the hood. Truthfully saying, it's a ghetto. You don't get good foods at all. BUT you get a lot of tests and correct diagnoses from doctors and nurses give extra attentions and care of you. It's a polar opposite from Aventura ER, where you would get misdiagnosed, incorrect medicines and lack of attention from nurses there while it's beautiful and comfortable with big TV and a lot of channels.