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Consumer feedback about University Mcduffie County Regional Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Katherine Gabriel

This hospital is a joke! Arrived at noon and it is now 530. Took 3 hours to get to a room, the PA came in for 2 minutes and said they would be right back to get a culture, 1 and a half hours later they take the culture! Now it's an hour later and still no results! The hospital is filthy however the cleaning staff are standing in the hallway gossiping and talking about their eyelashes! The nurses are out at their station laughing and having a good time. I brought my son because he is sick and could not drive, I think I would have do e better driving to Augusta to one of the hospitals up there!!!

Rating: 1 /5

Edward Boyd

I came here a few nights ago because I was short of breath and felt faint, thought I was about to pass out, (this being during flu season and I was scared I might have a more severe case) and I had the best experience of my life. My PA was the most calming and soothing woman i had ever spoken to. However I just got discharged this morning after being brought here on an ambulance because my heart rate was way lower than my normal, my blood pressure was low, and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. The doctor i was seen by was Ayodele Abel Ayedun, MD. He was the worst. His whole dimeanor made me feel like an idiot and as if I was wasting his time. I demanded blood work be done to be sure and he said fine as he walked out the room. 20 min after having my blood drawn a lady I hadn’t even talked to at this point walks in and says “the doctor said nothing is wrong with you we are sending you home” the worst part is that my discharge papers say my diagnosis is “Marijuana Use”!!!!!! Are you kidding me???? I told the nurse when I checked in that the last time I smoked week was weeks ago when I first got sick and stopped because I was so ill and didn’t want it. And just because it showed up in a urine sample you gave that to me in a diagnosis. Very incompetent and unprofessional. Will never come here again.

Rating: 5 /5

Ginger Mitchell McBride

As much money as University Health Care Systems has... you would think that they would invest in more staff. In McDuffie County there are no options, no Prompt Care, no clinics open on Sundays. There is a wait time that is unreal. I EXPECT MORE FROM UNIVERSITY. The nurses are busting there asses to try to get to everyone. One doctor and a NP. I worked at University when they aquired McDuffie. Mr. D, Mr. Bellikoski, Mr. Davis and muliple doctors worked to built this awesome facility and it is not staffed. Everytime I have come here the wait is unreal. This hospital should be making more of an impact on the community. The few staff that is here needs support. They are exceptional, yet they have no rooms. I see some changes have been made here in the ER. This place should be equiped with everything. No one should be transferred to Downtown Augusta. The plan was that people from Columbia County would come here. Add on, advertise and get more doctors. This hospital should not be just a rural facility...but STATE OF THE ART. The employees that are here are top notch.

Rating: 1 /5

Dlicious Jackson

It's the worst hospital ever. This hospital is a waist of tax-payer's money. The Doctor's are incompetent and they don't care about patients. They sit you in a room for hours and don't treat you or the doctor's will write you a prescription for medicine that they should know isn't being made anymore. I don't see how this hospital is rated no 4 for best hospitals.

Rating: 1 /5

Jared Sousa

This got to be the wost hospital Iv ever seen my wife been waiting in the er since 5:45pm is going on to 9:00pm still not seen yet but they told her they have 1 Doc. on duty are you freakin serious Iv will never send no body here they to slow go to doctors hospital you I you have some better luck atless they full staff with real experience