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Consumer feedback about University of Alabama Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Patricia Zapata

Terrible, my dad was transferred there where he was diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer. He had to wait days before they went in and did a biopsy because it was Christmas. If you're going to work as a Dr or nurse, you should be available 365 days a year. People's lives are at stake and every day matters. When they finally did the biopsy there was supposed to be a group of Dr's that we were told were going to get together and discuss my dad's case and formulate an action plan on how they would treat. Well, all three Dr's came in to talk to us and not one Dr knew what was going on with him. They still didn't have results from the biopsy, they knew it was pancreatic cancer but they didn't know how advanced it might be, they said they would get results from the tissues they took from another part of the body that looked suspicious and we were told we would have those results by the New Year and we have not heard a word from them. The surgeons didn't even know what kind of stent was placed on his bile duct. I guess they didn't bother looking at my dad's chart or they didn't bother updating his chart. They have no method of organization. They looked like a bunch of clueless fools. One of the surgeons was actually cracking jokes as he was basically telling us that my dad was going to eventually die. They released my dad and he is getting chemo treatment in another facility that actually knows how to treat patients. The oncologist at my dads new facility has requested the results from the other tissue they visited from UAB and she was told they don't have those results yet, it's now mid February. We are not impressed. Also, the room my dad was kept in was nasty. There was sticky stuff on the walls and the bathroom stunk even after they supposedly cleaned it. I will never get treated at this hospital, no matter how bad off I may be.

Rating: 2 /5

Michael Lane

The nurses and housekeeping is amazing. I can't possibly deny the hard working and amazing nurses and kitchen staff. But. Everyone else is just rude and cares nothing for someone who has a tumor and seizures to boot. And the only reason I'm giving them a second star, is for those hard working and dedicated nursing and kitchen staff.

Rating: 1 /5

Terri Rogers

My Dad has been in this hospital for over a week and I am very dissatisfied with the care he has received. The scheduling for his procedures and the communication with the family has been terrible. His linens and gown were dirty and wet when I arrived today and was told they didn't have any clean linens. Not acceptable. The nursing staff has been fairly good but overall very disappointed. This hospital is supposed to be one of the best but not in my book.

Rating: 5 /5

Theresa Thomas

UAB hospital has saved my life an uncountable number of times. St. Vincent hospital almost killed. But with God directing these Dr.'s hands I am still alive to tell my story. From 2005 til present I have been well taken care of and I would recommend them to everyone. I continue to be a constant patient of there's. The staff is out of this world and I give a thumbs up anytime.

Rating: 3 /5

Wendy Uhlman

So love this place Great OTOLARYNGOLOGY. DEPT .. GREAT NURSES AND DOCTORS. ..... Well after 4 surgery that my husband has had at this hospital this stay has been HORRIBLE.. After surgery they moved him to step down and the nurse he had that afternoon decide to throw a cup at him she said she dropped it but if you drop something on a patient your going to apologise but she never did.. They had his IV in the bend of his arm so every time he moved his machine went off but of course it was his fault but come to find out on his last day at the hospital it was a bad machine.. And my husband couldn't talk so I had to order his food well I miss placed his menu and I ask for a new one from the nurse sitting at the computer Lord you would of thought I ask for something horrible because that chick didn't like it because she had to get up out of her chair.... This stay for my husband has been HORRIBLE..