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50 reviews

University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler based in Smith County, TX is a member of The University of Texas System that was created in 1977, it is the only academic medical center in Northeast Texas.

University of Texas Health Science Center provides School of Medical and Biological Science, Medical School, and School of Community and Rural Health.

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  • Short Term Acute Care Rating 4.3
(50 reviews)

Marilyn Turnley

Only complaint is the guest "bed". Everything else is wonderful from staff eager to be of assistance, wonderful care from Housekeeping, anesthesiologist, surgeon, all nurses and NA, OT, PT, dietary. This review is from an old retired nurse who is difficult to please!

Linda Parr

Great Care for People Treatment fast... Keeps you updated on all

Joni Jackson

I'm not happy at all. I fell off my porch and hurt my leg. this was July 22nd they did xrays said not your legs not broken just bruised go home. by the 24th my leg was swelling bad. by the 26th I was in so much pain I could not take it anymore so I went back in. they did a ct scan and said everything was fine. well today aug 7th my leg is no better but yet there is nothing wrong with it. I can't walk without crying. and your Drs didn't do dam thing to help me

Tiffany Bryant

Just want to thank this hospital for saving my life on January 21st 2019 ..they told me i was havi no a heart attack and was very helpful with explaining every procedure that i was facing..there were so many good doctors there that took very good care of me and always had my best interests of my health..there were so many doctors that were involved in my care that i cant list them all ..just know that i am very grateful for you all did for me and still continuing to do to this very day..would i recommend this place absolutely cause they care about you as their patient. Again thank you all for taking good care of me during my time of need and continuing to this day to take care of me.. Ms.Tiffany Bryant

Eva Cameron

Ardent system puts ICU nurse to LTAC and it results in the wrong role for the nurse. The cvicu nurse belongs in LTAC and the Icu nurse should work Cvicu. Also on the specialty unit 5 S the garbage is not removed it is to the ceiling in soiled utility and when you call no one responds. Trays are Late and there is poor bedside report. Good luck and be blessed . The computers are out of date as well.