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Consumer feedback about University of Vermont Medical Center

UVM Medical Center
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3.3 out of 5 stars

Molly Hodgdon
Molly Hodgdon

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

There are so many great people and caregivers at this hospital, but their care and dedication is diminished and negated by the bad people there and the administration's eagerness to covers for those bad people instead of addressing their behaviors. I had a nurse deny me care because she decided that she thought I couldn't pay for it. I had no outstanding debt to the hospital or history of delinquency, she simply appointed herself a freelance personal finance deputy and denied me a treatment I needed because she thought it was too expensive for me. This was after I had told her very clearly that I understood the cost and to go ahead with the scheduling while I took care of the financial piece. I had spoken to patient financial assistance and they had told me to go ahead with it because I was eligible for assistance. This nurse inserted herself between me and the care I needed based on her perceptions of my financial situation. I felt this was deeply inappropriate and patient financial services did, too. They told me to report her to the office of patient and family advocacy.

This is where the funny part of the joke begins, the hilarious joke that is a whole department supposedly dedicated to advocating for patients but which actually just gaslights them, automatically goes with whatever version of the story they get from staff, and basically tries to make you feel crazy for trying to get the care you need delivered respectfully and appropriately. It's not advocacy, it's damage control. The patient and family "advocates" exist to make you go away, not to help you.

I was finally able to get the treatment I needed - the treatment my doctor ordered because my immune system is attacking my joins, glands, and liver - but only after weeks of full-on phone tag combat with multiple departments. So not only was my treatment delayed a month, the stress of this prolonged incident caused a flare up of my autoimmune disorder. Too bad I have no other choice unless I want to drive all the way down to Dartmouth.

Ryan Le Blanc
Ryan Le Blanc

3 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

First off, I have a seizure disorder that often requires visits to the emergency department. Secondly, I am an Opioid addict in recovery. There is a lot of media coverage here in Vermont regarding the seeming "epidemic" of Opioid usage and the news is constantly covering the fact that discrimination against addicts must stop.

Vermont has one of, if not the highest per capita rate of Opioid addiction/dependence in the country. This is part of what makes it sad that discrimination against addicts is in full-force and your treatment can range from sub-par to less-than-human.

I've been refused medication for my disorder on several occasions due to the fact that "my issue was probably drug-related". As someone who has been sober for a fair amount of time, this treatment can be quite hurtful and harmful. Treating an addict as less than another human is not the way to end the Opioid Epidemic.

Just like how "the civil rights act ended racism", I get so tired of these people coming on the news and discussing how great they are for the humanity they extend their patients. I'm sure it helps spur donations and get them funding for their sweet new addition, but that doesn't make it true.

3 stars, but 5 stars for the amazing Nurses and awesome Doctors who have treated me so well when I have been unwell. It's really refreshing to have a doctor tell you himself that he believes in you when most not only don't, but treat you're "already dead" and hence not worth their time, energy or MONEY.

Amy Fleming
Amy Fleming

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

The case workers here are nothing but liars. They will look you in the eye day after day and promise to help you when you are ready to leave the hospital, but are nowhere to be found or have the decency to even return phone calls when the hospital is ready to release a homeless patient back onto the streets. Shame on you! I will be filing a formal complaint. These people are cowards that aren't capable of doing their jobs properly.

Kevin Riddell
Kevin Riddell

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

If headed for the ER, you're better off going to the morgue! The ER at UVM Medical Ctr. is so understaffed that instead of calling an ambulance, you should just stay home or hope you can make it to Northwestern Medical in St. Albans. My family, on multiple occasions, had to wait hours, that's right, HOURS at this ER!
In my book, if you have to wait more than 10 minutes in any hospital ER, you've waited 5 minutes too long. For the hundreds and thousands of dollars they charge in your bill(whether you survive or not), they should have no problems or excuses why they can't afford to get more help around the clock in this department.
I don't know, maybe a veterinarian hospital would be able to get you in sooner.
UVM Medical Ctr. along with UVM College of Medicine is supposedly claimed to be one of the best schools/hospitals in the nation. I find that to be greatly falsified information. All the students go to school here in Vermont but leave once they get their degree.

If they didn't, maybe there would be a fully staffed "EMERGENCY" Room.

Bob Smith
Bob Smith

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

My daughter's been going here off and on since she was 10. The Drs and staff are wonderful!

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