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1959 NE PACIFIC ST  BOX 356151, SEATTLE, WA 98195 USA

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Emergency Department at UWMC
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3.8 out of 5 stars

Dr. Sana Memon
Dr. Sana Memon

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Hi.its a long stroy but might help someone.i had 2 experienced with them recently and both went wrost.
First time i took my 3 days old baby for crying sleepy and with juindice in takes 1 hr for them to take only vital by different staff after 1 ER came doctor checked, gave some order to nurse and then after waiting 1/2hr ask them when are they going to do test .again doctor came with the perception that test already been done which wasn't then she said she is consultong oncall paediatric for further management again we wait for a while and she came back with the answer of pediatric that we should go other hospital as may he need admission facility that we don't have doesn't even bother to come down and check child either what he need now.again no test done.we decided to take other we reach reception of other hospital they took child immediately to ER and first thing check his glucose which was critically low(25mg) life threatening low .this is the first step you should do with child at this age check vital with glucose which they didnt bother to did.
2nd experience few days ago i landed in ER alone at night time with stomch pain. score 9/10 after same waiting,nurse took blood test and told me to sit in waiting area untill some bed empty i understand situation some patients need more attention then me as they are more sick and complicated after 1 hr sitting in waiting area i asked receptionist again as i can't bear pain .she went inside and asked.nurse took me on the bed which was in corridor.its fine with me as i need pain management.its seems every body runing from here to there and passing orders to each other like ping pong ball even i was on bed but again without any managment.after almost 1 hr 1 DOCTOR came ask me few question abt pain and order given to nurses without asking what i took before coming here.this pain continues for me whole night i requested for some strong pain killer and then they decide to do scan as per them only 1 perosn right now in scan dept and he is busy after waiting whole night my scan done in morning and it was appendicitis morning team came called GS dept which was excellent team.they did thier job nicely.but here again anaesthia dept.his consultant was very nice and genlte man.with his team 1 girl though she told me doing masters in anaesthsia sweet before surgey as i came in recovery room and open my eyes told her about my pain she said i have to eat some thing and then tablet.then i have to go home.i ask if i am not feeling well with this severe pain then,just concentrate on her answer she said my duty is finishing at 4.30 and nurses too so you have to go home all will be fine .as per surgeon team i can go home if i think i am fine as per thier protocol 1 or 2 days stay after surgery.i went for surgery at 12.45 and i am home at 5.30.with their rude and unhuman behaviour i dont want to stay there anymore while i am drowsy ,dizzy and with pain came home.
I pray that i will not go again in UW hospital.
Being human they should teach them basic ethic about patient care.niether they are looking their clock.

Abc Abc
Abc Abc

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

My experience at this hospital was horrific, I won’t even go into my personal experience as we are approaching it in a different matter, but as I was in the waiting room Of the ER last night I waited to go back with security so I could get through some of their locked doors while I was waiting there was a man vomiting right by the front door his throw up bag was almost full and he was begging for someone to help bring him a new bag he had to of asked at least four or five times and the lady would just look up at the front des of the ER last night I waited to go back with security so I could get through some of their locked doors while I was waiting there was a man vomiting right by the front door his throw up bag was almost full and he was begging for someone to help bring him a new bag he had to of asked at least four or five times the lady at the front desk would just look up at him While making some sort of noise pretty much dismissing him as I sat there I couldn’t just watch so I walked up to the ER desk and told the women if she can’t do her job I guess I will.... after that the man gave me his vomit to throw away so I asked where do I put this and she said just back there somewhere in a bio hazard can... no help so when I walk into triage a nurse asked me what I was doing so I explained she just looked at me like I was dumb and said “ok and” never been so disappointed in a hospital and that’s just the tip of the iceberg...

Corey Shay
Corey Shay

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

I am a frequent traveler to this facility. I have a chronic condition that requires cutting edge medical science to keep up with. This is the kind of place you go to for things like that. The doctors, in addition to many being teaching doctors, are also scientists themselves, and they are the authorities for the research in their specialties. I've also been hospitalized for this condition before, so I was a guest for a week. Even for the initial ER visit, I actually had a room with 4 walls rather than curtains (albeit small). The inpatient hospital room had everything I needed, and a good view of the campus across the street. I also really have to give credit to the outstanding nursing staff. They are all heroes, and above all, they listen to you.

N James
N James

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

I would like to communicate the events of my most recent visit to UWMC Emergency Department on 6/18/2018.

I arrived around 1300 and was greeted professionally by the admissions staff. I was quickly called back to triage where I was met with a portable EKG machine, vitals were taken and I was promptly moved to a room, an IV administered, and vitals were being monitored. Within a matter of a few moments I was taken for chest x-rays and shortly thereafter a CT scan. While waiting for results, blood and urine collections were sent for analysis.

When all results came back no one was able to make a clear diagnosis, the main concern I had was ruling out any cardiovascular issues and a repeat PE.

All the staff I encountered were professional, courteous, caring and concerned throughout my 7/hr stay. They were very apologetic for the duration I was in and that they could not provide a diagnosis for the issues I was experiencing, I explained that I came to rule out two issues and they confirmed that and I was satisfied with the outcome.

I wanted to take the time to write this review and provide feedback, I know most people in a desperate situation are not always understanding, appreciative, and cooperative.

I'm glad to be a customer of UW Medicine and SCCA.

seahawks 12man
seahawks 12man

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

The nurse's are soo on top of everything 😁😁😁😁 thank you for taking care of me the best !!

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