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1812 Verdugo Blvd, Glendale, CA 91208, USA
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Consumer feedback about Usc Verdugo Hills Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Anne Riddle

Should be -stars, as not only responsible for negligence in my mothers' death in 2002, but now, on January 10,2018, my daughter went to their emergency dept. as she was having a heart attack . Instead of treating her, they sent her down to Burbank , 20min. away,where she died, because if not treated within minutes the patient becomes brain dead. I consider this murder and will suit them this time. How dare they?

Rating: 4 /5

Robert Warnock

Much improved since my last visit there. USC has done a good job upgrading procedures. The last time I was there (5 years ago) a woman from finance came to my room, while I was still flat on my back with a 102 degrees temp and pneumonia, and asked for a $1,000 co payment. That was not cool. Nothing like that happened this time and I had an overall good experience.

Rating: 1 /5

Fred Ziffel

Nursing care is unprofessional . Once I waited 1hr and 15 minutes for pain medication ! I had to make a call from my cell phone to the nursing administrator I was told know one should wait that long for any nursing needs . Nurse told me she was busy shift change and reports. Administrator called her and told her to take care of me .she came in didn’t say a word to me when I said hi or thank you completely disrespectful . This was just one of many problems at verdugo hills hospital ! Thank you for reading .

Rating: 5 /5

James Gordon

I had a heart attack in the early morning hours of Jan 5, 2018 and was taken by friends to the USC Verdugo Hills Hospital emergency room. A large staff in the emergency room addressed a life threatening situation immediately with true professionalism and expediency. They did an EKG, determined I had a heart attack, and stabilized my condition so that I could be transferred to the cardio unit at Providence St Josephs for surgery. If not for their prompt and skilled action I would not be alive today. Unfortunately I cannot remember the names of the staff who attended me, but I hope that they see this review to know my appreciation.

Rating: 5 /5

Michelle Sullivan

I took my daughter in to the Emergency Department this morning because she had been complaining of a very severe sore throat the night before. The staff were very warm and friendly. I had never used the ED services at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital before, but recently learned that their Department won an award from USC for the great services that they deliver to their patients. So, I thought I would give them a shot since I had a few terrible experiences at Huntington Hospital. I was so happy that I took my daughter to USC Verdugo Hills Hospital. We were only there for 31 minutes and in that short time she was seen right away by Dr. Montoya and diagnosed. We were given a prescription for antibiotics, a note for school, and discharge instructions. The nurses were awesome and made my little one feel at ease. I would highly recommend the Emergency Department services at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital. They are 5-Stars in my book. I will gladly return there if the situations arises again!