Ut Southwestern University Hospital-Zale Lipshy

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87 reviews
MedicalRecords.com Rating 4.3
87 reviews

About Ut Southwestern University Hospital-Zale Lipshy

Ut Southwestern University Hospital-Zale Lipshy is a public academic health science center in Dallas, Texas.
The hospital is a treatment center for inpatient and outpatient physical rehabilitation, spine conditions, ophthalmology, orthopedic issues, and oral and maxillofacial surgery.
Ut Southwestern University Hospital-Zale Lipshy is specialized in neurology, neurosurgery, neuroangiography, rehabilitation medicine, and physical, occupational, and speech therapy, the hospital features 20-bed neuro intensive care unit (Neuro ICU).

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MedicalRecords.com Rating 4.3
(87 reviews)

Luca D

I was here twice for psychiatric help. The unit is clean, the food is good, and they only allow in non-violent people. You see a psychiatrist every day and have both nurses and techs available to you 24 hours a day. There are also social workers and a peer support specialist. There are only 2 groups a day which can mean there is a lot of boredom. Sometimes it seems like we were babysat by the TV. Definitely still the best place I've been for psychiatric care and I never met a patient who said they went somewhere better. I still wish there was more to do because boredom here made a lot of people anxious.

Kurt Nigbor

I cannot express my gratitude enough for the great doctors and nursing staff at this hospital. I spent a week on the fifth floor of the hospital (Neurosurgery). Everyone, and I mean everyone, delivered top notch medical care. Other hospitals need to emulate this place. I'll be eternally grateful for the care I received here. I believe it helped save my life!

Dallas Ron

My brother received excellent care never seen hospital that professional and A+ service

Neda Moayad

Having surgery is a challenging experience. The doctors, the nurses and the staff work hard to make it as efficient and caring as possible. Thank you

Darlene Pedigo

Each time we are there, everyone treats us so well. This time was great with most everything until my spouse got to PACU. I had her dentures, she was asking for me, so 30 minutes after the doctor (love him) came to talk to me, i had to go ask to see her because EVERY time she has surgery, she wants her teeth immediately bacause she is young. Due to the fact that we are married, and the patient coming out of anesthesia and hurting kept asking me to hold her hand, i felt the mood change with the RN's in PACU. Rather cold, dismissive and although she was being transferred from a HIGHER acuity or care, to a LOWER scuity, in preparation for discharge, the pre/post area, where monitoring is a blood pressure cuff & pulse ox, she was ready to be handed over to my care. When he was calling report, i was forced back into the waiting room for 15 minutes so they could get her "settled in"???? With a B/P cuff and pulse OX, and this was AFTER i helped with turning her and repositioning her in PACU, before moving her to step down unit of LOWER ACUITY. The patient and i asked twice why i couldnt walk back to preop with her. IF you are SO determined that family not walk with a patient who has requested to, SOMEONE COULD HAVE ESCORTED ME through the out door to the preop door in the SAME waiting room and had me wait in her post op stepdown room. Any time report is called, THERE IS a bed assignment. THAT would have been the right way to handle that, have the family meet the patient.Those two in the PACU probably DO need to stay somewhere the patients are asleep. They were dismissive and arrogant, and BEHAVED in a discriminatory and disgusted manner. Of note: while this was going on, i called and asked to speak to an administrator, 3 times. I was told on my FIRST call that someone would call me right back. I asked both other times, once i was told nobody was available the rest of the day, and ANOTHER time i was told the person answering the phone, the "Executive Assistant " didnt know who to call for anything, REALLY??? You answer the phone and have NO numbers. That was a flat out lie. The Administration is unresponsive and out of touch. For this reason and the two PACU RNS i give it a one. This is a better place, but to have SUCH an unresponsive administration and feel discriminated towards in the initial PACU, based on 26 yrs together MARRIED same sex couple, that is INEXCUSABLE. I feel administration owes us an apology ( which we wont get), & someone to reach out and apologize. Maybe once i notify the correct agencies, and you get comments and honest feedback on Press-Ganey, someone will finally listen. ALL OF THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED, HAD ANY MANAGER OR ADMINISTRATOR BOTHERED TO CALL BACK. Obviously you dont care. DFW PEOPLE, GO TO ONE OF THE OTHER FINE HOSPITALS IN THE METROPLEX, the staff is great, but if you have any tiny problem and need anyone in administration, you might as well forget it.