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About Amarillo VA Healthcare System

The Amarillo VA Health Care System is a division of the Heart of Texas VA Health Care Network that provides primary, specialty, and extended care to Veterans throughout the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles, and eastern New Mexico.
The Thomas E. Creek VA Medical Center located in Amarillo, Texas is the main facility for the Amarillo VA Health Care System while the system serves veterans residing in rural areas with three community-based outpatient clinics located in Lubbock, Childress, and Dalhart, Texas, as well as Clovis, New Mexico.
The system serves approximately 25,000 patients each year and maintains 55 acute care inpatient beds for general medical, surgical, and intensive care in addition to a 120-bed nursing home care unit.

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  • veterans Administration Acute Care Rating 3.9
(53 reviews)

Bill Haynie

Requested appointment for evaluation for dental implant. Was approved within a week. Dr. Rodriguez spent a lot of time with me explaining implant vs bridge proceedure . Also, the technician who took my x Ray's was great too. Very polite, and knowledgeable. Thanks for her service in the Navy also. The VA gets a lot of bad press, but the dental staff in Amarillo are the best. I hope someone that has political influence reads this.


my dad works there - Rayven gill Sharp

Mittie Goff

A disabled 100% veteran it treats for my disabling condition and get all my meds thru them as a disable vet. Team of doctors have now are willing to listen and talk with me a patient and have resources for which I can contact for any questions about treatment, medications or concerns for my health. The only real drawback is getting through Central call and having calls returned in timely manner. Some of the Central call people are really hard to deal with and get the importance of call thru to them to have your call returned. Very frustrating at times knowing the communication between some of these individuals is poor at the best. So glad when I can establish a direct contact with nurse, coordinator to talk directly, too, is a plus in care.

Lisa Lynch

Husband and I are both veterans. We always receive prompt, professional and compassionate service at Amarillo VA and couldn't be more pleased. Far better than insured care we've paid thousands for because we didn't know we were eligible for VA Health. BTW, ALL veterans are eligible, not just service-disabled and retirees!

Russel Harper

Moved here from Dallas. This is such a nice change. Dallas VA is garbage in comparison as far as service goes. Everyone at the Amarillo facility is great. I understand that Dallas is a stressful place and people are dealing with a lot. While there are a lot of very nice and helpful people that work at the Dallas VA, there were plenty who were just mean and couldn’t care less how long you had to wait. Tell you to be at an appointment at 7 am only to wait until 330 pm and then tell you the dr left at lunch. Glad to be rid of that place.