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Consumer feedback about Va Eastern Colorado Healthcare System

Rating: 1 /5

Joshua Adam

After having a medical problem that was neglected for nearly 5 years I FINALLY had surgery through the VA. The incision isn't fully healed STILL, and the surgery was in September 2017. THE VA NEEDS TO STOP LETTING BOULDER MEDICAL STUDENTS MAKE DECISIONS. IN FACT, EVERY TIME I SEE THE VA IN DENVER I ALWAYS SEE A MEDICAL STUDENT WITH ABSOLUTELY NO CONFIDENCE IN THEIR ABILITIES. Not to mention the last student was WEARING A DISGUSTING WHITE COAT WITH STAINS ALL OVER IT, but he had a really cool beard and pays his tuition so I guess its all good right? Guess what the medical student said the last time I saw them in early December? "It looks nearly healed." The wound still isn't healed. On top of that, the real doctor never examined me. It's January 2018, and I'm still not healed! Do yourself a favor, purchase private health care.

Rating: 3 /5

Michael Parris

If U don't have to use it don't. They claim to be taking care of Veterans in a timely manner but that is not true. I have been going to this hospital for treatment for more than 30 years and I have watched it go down hill. Even faster in these past 5 years. I so hope the talk that I have been hearing about the new hospital is not true. Because we Veterans don't deserve or need to be put through anymore pain and aggravations.

Rating: 4 /5

Kendall Albright

I have had very good care here in Denver since I first registered with the system in 2009. Very good people, smart, professional and kind. Keep up the good work.

Rating: 1 /5

Steve Sinclair

The VA is a great asset for simple problems. However, it has not been an asset to me. I have been struggling with gastric problems for several months and after seeing several specialists and doing a variety of tests they provided little to no insight. I found it to be a waste of time, but I guess it's betrer rule things out right? In any case the last Dr that I met with was fairly incompetent he seemed willing to help but not resourceful at all. I called to schedule several meetings and after the 2nd he asked several questions that we went over in the first meeting as well as provided the same suggestions that he provided in the intial screening. Maybe my problems are unusual or something that his generation never had to deal with it, but what I found really TROUBLING is that after our second meeting he said he spoke to colleagues about my dilemma but the only suggestions that he gave was an over the counter medicine that I had previously taken, and should of been documented in his notes from my previous visits... which raises the question is the VA HIPPA compliant? Where do they get some of there suggestions?

Rating: 1 /5

Lovingthetruth7 Ltt7

The government run Denver VA Medical Center is the absolute WORST place for healthcare in the United States. The staff, especially the nursing staff, is underqualified and undertrained, even in the area of bedside manner! This facility is a dreadful nightmare, indescribably outdated, and very poorly run! It is ancient (built in 1944), filthy, only capable of providing unheard of long waiting times for an appointment. The staff is very poorly managed, and all staff including the healthcare staff is rude and uneducated. This facility should NOT be providing patient care! All veterans are much safer and better off purchasing outside health insurance. DO NOT visit this "hospital." Your precious tax dollars are vastly wasted here!